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Features and Functionality
3 months ago

What’s New in AutoCAD 2017? Coordination Model Enhancements

No. 14 in the list of top new AutoCAD 2017 features. AutoCAD 2017 coordination models now support standard 2D endpoint and center object snaps, enabling you to snap to precise locations on the coordination model as you design. “What’s a coordination model?” you ask? Great question! Coordination models are used to virtually […]

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Video of the Month: AutoCAD 2017 Classic Workspace. Miss It?

Don’t expect a lecture. Well, maybe just a little one: The AutoCAD Ribbon interface really is pretty terrific, and if you use the AutoCAD 2017 Classic workspace instead, you’ll miss out on some of the software’s most modern features. OK, lecture over. Here’s what you came for: As you’re likely aware, […]

Leslie Feldman

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to … the Basics of AutoCAD Blocks

What are the basics of AutoCAD blocks? Well, each AutoCAD block is a collection of objects (symbols and details) combined into a single object that you specify by name. There are simple methods for inserting blocks (from online sources or from your own designs), moving blocks, saving and retrieving blocks, and creating […]

Dieter Schlaepfer

New FINALCAD Apps for AutoCAD: Helpful and Easy on the Eyes

Look no further for your new must-have AutoCAD add-ons. New FINALCAD apps for AutoCAD are here: Easy Attach, Clean & Fix, and Colorizer. Of course, the most common way to enhance AutoCAD is via customization—most AutoCAD users fine-tune the software themselves for the kind of work they do and the way […]

Leah E. Friedman

AutoCAD Dialog Box Enhancements—Size Matters: Tuesday Tips with Lynn

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means. Let’s go! You can now resize many dialog boxes secure in the knowledge they will maintain their size the next time you launch AutoCAD. With these AutoCAD dialog box enhancements you can view more information with less scrolling (although you’ll burn fewer calories). Just […]

Lynn Allen


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