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Product News
3 months ago

AutoCAD 2018.1 and AutoCAD LT 2018.1 Update Now Available

Here’s everything you need to know about benefits in the first update to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2018 for subscription and maintenance plan customers, now available everywhere.

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Video of the Month: AutoCAD and 3D Scanning With Heidi Hewett

Our very own Heidi Hewett recently hosted the in-depth webinar “Design for the Future,” in which she brought to light all of the opportunities for using AutoCAD and 3D scanning. She takes you step-by-step through her own personal project and experiences, including a vacation home, and what she learned along the way.

Heather Miller

Have You Tried… Nonrectangular Viewports in AutoCAD

Have you ever needed to plot several areas of your design at different scales or isolate a specific part of your design before plotting it to a hardcopy or electronic file? Layout viewports, also known as floating viewports, control the display of model space objects on a named paper space layout.

Lee Ambrosius

Importing Existing AutoCAD Layouts Using Sheet Set Manager

Welcome to the sixth in a series of posts to lead you through the powerful Sheet Set functionality available in AutoCAD. In a previous post, I showed you how to create a new sheet set from existing drawing layouts. That method enabled you to quickly create a new sheet set with pointers to the layouts in those drawings.

Heidi Hewett

Tool Palettes: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, tool palettes provide you with a combined method of accessing tools. Whether you prefer ribbons or toolbars, tool palettes provide the best of both worlds. Tool palettes can consist of commonly used blocks, hatch patterns, and commands.

Josh Wheatley



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