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Using AutoCAD and Excel for data, tables, blocks, and more? Take a look at these apps on the Autodesk App Store for additional ways to make AutoCAD and Excel work for you.

Excel and Table Utils

By running the MER_EXCEL_UTILITIES command, you will find new options with the Excel and Table Utils app. These include writing block attributes to a table or Excel; writing an AutoCAD table to Excel; selection of AutoCAD tables from Excel; writing entity properties to a table or Excel; and creating a legend table from blocks. The download can be found here for $10.

Excel Utils App AutoCAD


CAD2Excel focuses on converting tables in AutoCAD using an Excel spreadsheet. “While exporting to Excel, CAD2Excel can process data synchronization from Excel,” developer KozMos writes. “This can then provide the AutoCAD table modification to be done in Excel. And CAD2Excel can generate representative tables in AutoCAD from active Excel spreadsheets by using native text, mtext and lines.” The trial can be downloaded here.

CAD2Excel App AutoCAD

CADStudio DWGText

Looking to link DWG text to Excel? Take a look at CADstudio DWGText. According to the developer CAD Studio, “DwgText (a descendant to Excellink) exports selected drawing texts and their properties. Exported data can be modified in Excel (or in a text file) and then you can re-import it back into the AutoCAD DWG drawing. You can use DwgText for creating BOMs, text schedules, or for batch editing of drawing texts and their visual properties. DwgText supports Texts, MTexts, Block references (attributes, incl.dynamic), Multileaders, Tables, Attribute definitions, and Document properties (including custom properties) plus all their visual properties.” The trial version is available here.

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