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This Is the Star Wars Post You’re Looking For

Leah E. Friedman
May 4, 2017

OK, quick confession: The AutoCAD team loves Star Wars. Now, granted, this is not exactly a groundbreaking confession, but who cares! Today is May the Fourth, also known as the day the entire internet goes nuts for Star Wars. And we’re here to help.

Use the (AutoCAD) Force

Whether you’re a Padawan or a full-fledged Jedi, there’s a Star Wars-related AutoCAD project for you.

Start simply with this beautiful, 3D-printed Star Wars keychain

AutoCAD Star Wars Keychain

AutoCAD Star Wars Keychain

…or make your own introductory crawl.

AutoCAD Star Wars Introductory Crawl

Experience the dark side of the force and build your own Death Star

AutoCAD Star Wars Death Star

…or join the Rebel Alliance in your handcrafted Tie Fighter!

AutoCAD Star Wars Tie Fighter

Or, you know, you can just have a ton of fun and make a BB-8 (beep boop!)

AutoCAD Star Wars BB-8

How are you using AutoCAD to celebrate May the Fourth this year? Tell us in the comments or chime in on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

PS: Star Trek is better.



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Leah E. Friedman

Leah E. Friedman is an AutoCAD Content Marketing Manager here at Autodesk, and she truly loves being part of a company that makes software for fellow creatives. A Bay Area resident originally from Philadelphia, she justifies supporting the Warriors by constantly pointing out that they also started out in the City of Brotherly Love.