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Curated AutoCAD Customer Success Stories

Each AutoCAD customer success story in this curated series focuses on the motivated people who bring these great projects to life. They all use AutoCAD software, but that’s almost beside the point.

For a quick tour of your AutoCAD colleagues’ exploits, read these. The full, original stories are hosted on Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space.

AutoCAD Customers Succeed with…

… Sustainability Projects (three stories)

Hummer for Zero South. AutoCAD customer success

Sustainability is as sustainability does.

… Humanitarian Projects (three stories)

Plans for eco-village. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... humanitarian projects.

AutoCAD plans for sustainable eco-village in Senegal.

… First-Time Design (two stories)

EOSH shoe mold. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... first-time design.

Stamping an EOSH shoe last. From doctor to designer.

… Public Works (two stories)

Abandoned trolley-car turnaround. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... public works.

An abandoned trolley-car turnaround beneath New York’s Williamsburg bridge. Hmmm. Of course! Make it a park!

… Levitation. How Cool Is That?

CGI energy field. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... levitation. How cool is that?

Magnetic Field Architecture is even cooler than this looks.

… 3D-Printed Organs. How Cool Is That?

Making 3D-printed organs. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... 3D-printed organs.

Advanced Solutions’ BioAssemblyBot makes 3D-printed organs. A little bit icky, a whole lot of cool.

… Shanghai Disneyland Castle. How Cool Is That?

Disneyland Park Castle. AutoCAD customers succeed with .... Disneyland castles.

Can fairy tales come true? You can make it happen.

… 4-Story, Multimedia, Kinetic Chandelier. How Cool Is That?

Las Vegas casino nightclub chandelier. AutoCAD customers succeed with multimedia chandeliers. How cool is that?

And it’s not even warmed up yet!

… Helping Families Rebuild After a Disaster

Hurricane Sandy damage. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... helping families rebuild after a disaster.

When Mother Nature turns against us, AutoCAD customers help even the odds.

… Going Big by Thinking Small (and Cheap)

Animal Shelter. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... Thinking Big by Thinking Small.

Rural Studio at Auburn University builds dwellings that cost $20,000, tops.

… BIM that Wins—and Enhances—the Project

BIM model of rapid bus project. AutoCAD customers succeed with BIM models that win business.

Seeing is believing and, it turns out, seeing is also buying.

Acoustic Engineering Project that Sounds Great

Ordway Center Performance Hall. AutoCAD customers succeed with acoustic engineering

Can you hear me now? Oh my, yes.

Designing the SFMOMA Expansion

SFMOMA expansion. AutoCAD customer success stories.

Yes, but is it art?


Modular Construction (two stories)

ConXtech housing. AutoCAD customer modular construction.

The modularity singularity is upon us.



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