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AutoCAD Team Shares Their Favorite AutoCAD Commands

Heather Miller
January 5, 2017

Nothing is more intrinsic to AutoCAD than commands. Users live and breathe them each day. And, of course, the AutoCAD team does as well. Here, they share the favorite AutoCAD commands they just couldn’t live without.

autocad_favorite_commands“BEDIT is my favorite command for users. It’s the portal to the dynamic block editor, and dynamic blocks are one of the coolest (maybe the coolest) commands in AutoCAD—not that I’m biased or anything.” – John Beltran, Senior Software Architect

“PROJECTGEOMETRY. It enables users to project curve geometry onto 3D solids and surfaces. That was a fun command to implement for AutoCAD, along with lots of other 3D functionality.” – Joel Petersen, Senior Software Architect

“It’s hard to choose just one. OFFSET, NEW, SAVEAS, ERASE, DIMSTYLE.” – Chris Miller, Principal SQA Engineer

“PURGEALL. Get all that pesky stuff out of my drawing!” – Dania El Hassan, Product Manager

“That is very hard! HATCH. I could also say LAYER & XREF.” – Karen Mason, Experience Designer

“INTERSECT . . . by far!” – Dieter Schlaepfer, Principal Learning Experience Developer

“LINE. It’s simple, but so powerful.” – Yiftach Ringel, Software Development Manager

“UNDO!!” – Misha Belilovskiy, Senior Software QA Manager

“3DORBIT” – Erik Larsen, Software Architect  

“POINTCLOUDATTACH” – Michael Mizuno, Senior Product Manager

“QSELECT” – Amod V. Kulkarni, Software Principal Engineer

Do you have any favorite AutoCAD commands? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. craigjonnson



    SETBYLAYER – Timesaver, especially when creating an architectural background XREF. Changes all block colours, lineweights and styles if required. Back to the default Layer setting without bursting or exploding those blocks.

    1. Heather MillerHeather Miller (Post author)



      Thanks for the comment, and this is a great one!

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