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BIM and Beam

Engineering and Design
3 months ago

BIM for reinforced concrete - it's in the details

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a critical part of how structural building and infrastructure systems are designed and built today, but the reinforced concrete industry has been lagging behind structural steel when it comes to its adoption of BIM. This is due to the highly fragmented nature of its supply […]

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Steel Detailing
1 day ago

Tips and Tricks for using Autodesk Advance Steel from AU2016 (Part II)

In my last post I summarized some of the Advance Steel tips for modeling that I covered during my class at Autodesk University last fall. This post picks up where that one left off and describes the software features Advance Steel has for helping you create and manage documentation more […]

Philippe Bonneau
Concrete Detailing
9 days ago

Stepped Reinforced Concrete Foundations in Revit

In the Revit content you can find a reach pallet of Structural Families preinstalled. In the Metric UK Library you can find the Structural Foundations folder which contains the number of different foundation types: a pad footing, a strip footing, a pile cap etc. Recently my colleague asked me: “OK […]

Tomasz Fudala
Concrete Detailing
26 days ago

Attention to detail – Revit for rebar detailing

Colorado-based Martin/Martin, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm providing civil and structural engineering and surveying services to clients throughout the United States and around the world. Within Martin/Martin, the Construction Engineering Services (M/M CES) group provides a variety of specialty engineering services to the firm’s contractor partners and projects, including […]

Vanessa Bertollini
Engineering and Design
about 1 month ago

The cloud, LOD and automation: AU 2016 gives a glimpse into the Future for Structures

When reflecting on my experiences at Autodesk University last month, it reminded me of how technology dependent we’ve become at telling stories in both the digital and physical worlds.  It also illustrated to me that the boundaries between digital and physical modes of communication are becoming less distinct. I heard stories from customers, technology partners […]

Michael Gustafson


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