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6 months ago

7 Tactics for Meeting the Architecture 2030 Challenge and Beyond

Check out the recent article on Redshift, Autodesk’s blog that explores the future of making things, that profiles three firms and their approach to achieving the 2030 Challenge targets. Eskew+Dumez+Ripple (EDR), HOK, and CTA Architects Engineers provide key tactics they’ve adopted to move towards these industry benchmarks.

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Climate Action is Imperative

Autodesk co-CEOs Amar Hanspal and Andrew Anagnost recently released a statement opposing roll-backs to environmental protection.

Autodesk develops software that enables our customers to design and create a more sustainable world.  Many of these customers make cars, airplanes, buildings, infrastructure, and cities that use less energy, are constructed with smarter materials,

Stephanie Egger

Watch: Facade Design with Insight Webinar

Jarod Schultz from initial.aec recently hosted a great webinar entitled “FormIt + Revit + Insight = Bye Bye SketchUp + Sefaira.” You can catch the whole thing here. Jarod walks through the process of how Insight can be used throughout the design process, and how geometry is no longer a barrier to accessible energy and environmental performance data.

Stephanie Egger

Review: Insight for 2030 DDx Reporting

Check out this article from LHB’s Dan Stine outlining how Insight can be used for AIA 2030 Commitment reporting with the Design Data Exchange (DDx). Last year at the annual AIA Convention, we announced automated reporting between Insight and the DDx. This capability has been met with many sighs of relief,

Stephanie Egger

LEED sDA & ASE studies with Insight Revit 2017 plugin

Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE) are two important metrics for better understanding annual daylight availability and quality, as well as glare and overheating potential.

Read more about the two metrics here.

LEED v4 has adopted both metrics to help designers and engineers determine the impact of daylighting within their building.

Stephanie Egger


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