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The Best Autodesk Inventor Resources for Beginners to Experts

Trevor English
June 26, 2017

Whether you are just learning Autodesk Inventor or have been using it for years, every now and again we need some help. For the experts out there who might think that they know it all, you could also lend a hand to inexperienced users on forums or social media. For the beginner, you aren’t going into this process blind; there are endless tutorials, communities, and platforms that can help you along the way.

The best way to continue learning and stay engaged with everything Inventor is through all of the various resources out there on the web, whether from Autodesk or a third party. In order to keep you from having to find everything yourself, we’ve compiled all of the best resources into one helpful blog post. You can find social media channels, help communities, and video or tutorial platforms to facilitate learning, all below.

Social Media

Autodesk Inventor

As far as social media accounts go, the Autodesk Inventor page has the most about Inventor out of anywhere. Other than seeing links to new content, you will also be able to stay up to date to the various webinars that consistently are put on to help you learn new skills. While the Inventor social pages may be filled with a lot of helpful Inventor tips, there’s also some fun engineering thrown in there as well to help enjoy your break time as well. You can follow Autodesk Inventor on Facebook, Instagram, or/and Twitter.

Inventor Luke

Inventor Luke is like your friendly neighborhood Inventor celebrity. He is currently finishing up an Inventor 101 webinar and video series to help out beginners, but his page is for all skill levels. Rather than being the specific account for Autodesk Inventor, Inventor Luke tries to bring you helpful content on a more one-on-one level. You can follow him on Facebook here.



Inventor Forum

When I was learning Inventor, the forums came in clutch for all of my learning questions. This is where all of the true experts hang out and can help you along with any of your learning questions. I had to use the forum to troubleshoot problems in my installation process as well as to find out how to do many things in the design process. If you’ve got an Inventor question, this is the place to ask it.

Inventor Blog

If you’re reading this, you likely already know what the Inventor Blog is. When we’re not posting about fun new technologies or all the Inventor Resources, we’ll bring you tips and tricks along with what’s new as updates come along. If you want longer form written content that often pertains to Inventor, this is the place to be.

Videos and Classes

Autodesk University Online

Even if you were lucky enough to make it out to Autodesk University last year or plan on going this year, you can’t practically make it to every class you want to. Lucky for you, almost every single Autodesk University class is cataloged online available for your viewing pleasure. While many of these classes may not cut right to the answer you are looking for, they can be a great way to learn about new things in more of an online classroom setting.

Autodesk Design Academy

The Autodesk Design Academy provides you with tutorials and resources tailored to your specific skill level. All of the information is laid out by task in easy to find menus. This resource will allow you to quickly and simply learn new design tools and methods from Autodesk themselves.


If you’re looking for a YouTuber that has your back when it comes to Autodesk Inventor, it’s TFI. He has some incredible content with most of it tailored to tips and tricks within Autodesk Inventor. TFI has a YouTube account and a Twitch account where you can follow along with tons of helpful Inventor content.


Rob Cohee

Rob Cohee is an Autodesk Manufacturing Evangelist and his YouTube account has an entire playlist dedicated to Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals. He’s another great YouTube channel to follow in the Inventor Community.

Autodesk Inventor

Yes, even Autodesk Inventor has a YouTube page. Following here is perhaps the best way to stay on top of “what’s new” in updates along with finding features you might not have known about.


Did we miss your favorite Autodesk Inventor Resource? Let us know in the comments where you go to get help and we’ll be sure to add it in!




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