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Meet Autodesk at formnext 2018

Visit us at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany this November 13th-16th and learn more about Autodesk’s vision for the Future of Making. Explore new ways to make the most of additive manufacturing with Autodesk Netfabb, produce large scale parts with Autodesk PowerMill,

Kimberly Stout

Gramm: How Additive Manufacturing is Disrupting the Tooling Industry

Disrupting the tooling industry
How additive manufacturing changes the game for custom metal tools.

Gramm is a startup based in Regensburg, Germany that specializes in additive manufacturing. The company, a longtime and experienced user of Autodesk Netfabb, recently used the software to 3D print a metal tool in much less time — and for approximately half the cost — than is typical.

Kimberly Stout

Mesh Convergence using Autodesk Netfabb Simulation

In finite element analysis, a finer mesh typically results in a more accurate solution.[1] However, as a mesh is made finer, the computation time increases. How can you get a mesh that satisfactorily balances accuracy and computing resources?

In additive manufacturing, when using Netfabb Local Simulation,

Sualp Ozel

Autodesk and AMSYSTEMS

Autodesk is working with AMSYSTEMS to bring the next generation of multi-material additive manufacturing to mass production.

AMSYSTEMS Center, a collaboration between TNO and the Eindhoven University of Technology focuses on the development of next generation multi-material/multi-technology AM equipment and the integration of AM technologies towards mass-customization production chains,

Kimberly Stout


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