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Autodesk and AMSYSTEMS

Autodesk is working with AMSYSTEMS to bring the next generation of multi-material additive manufacturing to mass production.

AMSYSTEMS Center, a collaboration between TNO and the Eindhoven University of Technology focuses on the development of next generation multi-material/multi-technology AM equipment and the integration of AM technologies towards mass-customization production chains,

Kimberly Stout

What’s New in Autodesk Netfabb 2019

Netfabb 2019 is here! This latest release brings updates to two of the most powerful Netfabb features: simulation and latticing, in addition to new features focused on improved productivity – from new support actions, to machine workspaces and new cloud viewing.


Cloud based, multi-scale, metal powder bed process simulation is now available for Netfabb subscribers beginning at the Premium tier.

Kimberly Stout

Moi Composites: Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) for 3D Printing

+LAB’s project Atropos, the research program on 3D printing thermosetting continuous fiber composites, winner of the 2017 JEC Innovation Award and one of the three International Finalists of the 2017 James Dyson Award, has blossomed into the new startup “moi composites.”

Moi is a co-design and production service for small series or tailor made,

Kimberly Stout

Design for Additive Manufacturing: Connecting Additive w/ Subtractive

Background | Matt Lemay is part of Autodesk’s Customer Success team, focused on Additive Manufacturing & Generative Design. While “customer success” can mean just about anything these days – for us the theory is simple: helping customers win will help Autodesk win – a rising tide lifts all boats right? 

Kimberly Stout

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