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7 months ago

Announcing the Reality Solutions SDK

Reality data continues to be an integral part of the workflow that we support here at Autodesk. By making our technology available to partners, we are accelerating our ability to bring solutions to our customers. We’re deepening our engagement with partners to collaboratively solve for the breadth of problems and challenges our customers face.

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Reality Solutions Quickfire Spotlight: Data Management Solutions

Featuring Pointerra and Cintoo

The release of the Reality Solutions SDK has brought about innovative new solutions that are aimed at simplifying workflows for you, our customers.  In our last post, we featured partners who were creating scan- to-BIM solutions using the SDK. Now we’re going to shine the light on our partners who created solutions to improve data management workflows.


International Reality Capture Workshop 2019 in Volterra


In October, 2016, an international team of architects, engineers, historians, and students embarked on a journey of great significance to digitally reconstruct and preserve many of the historically significant architectural, archeological and artistic treasures of the ancient city of Volterra, Italy. The results of our first workshop and subsequent workshops in June,


Reality Solutions Quickfire Spotlight: Scan to BIM Solution

Featuring Leica, Faro and Pointfuse

It’s been a few months since we announced the launch of our Reality Solutions SDK, which made our point cloud format available to partners so they can develop innovative solutions for our customers.

The release of the Reality Solutions SDK was met with a lot of excitement,


How Reality Capture is Improving Accuracy in the Design & Construction Industry

Scan with Accuracy, Design with Confidence

Having a comprehensive scan of the entire site can help you detect issues earlier than traditional surveying methods and often give an “under the hood” or “up close” insight into potential problems you may run into. Issues that can cause serious rework or halts in a project’s timeline include:

●  Structural issues like bowing,


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