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6 months ago

Announcing the Reality Solutions SDK

Reality data continues to be an integral part of the workflow that we support here at Autodesk. By making our technology available to partners, we are accelerating our ability to bring solutions to our customers. We’re deepening our engagement with partners to collaboratively solve for the breadth of problems and challenges our customers face.

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LiRo Scans the Future of Construction

Embedding reality capture in the construction of NYC’s East Side Access Project

Lennart Andersson, the director of LiRo’s Virtual Design, Construction, & Operations (VDCO) group, and his team use reality capture and BIM tools like ReCap, Revit, Navisworks, and InfraWorks to power their scan-to-BIM processes on a Manhattan megaproject.


Beyond the point cloud with Pointerra

Autodesk and Pointerra build enhanced BIM workflows by putting data at the center.

The scan-to-BIM workflow is ripe for disruption. You may have heard of Autodesk’s engagement with Pointerra through our Forge and BIM 360 initiatives. They’re becoming a notable player in the 3D data capture,

Annie Phan

International Reality Capture Workshop in Volterra

An extraordinary reality capture experience


In October 2016, an international team of architects, engineers, historians, and students participated in a two-week project to digitally capture key sites in Volterra, as well as the walled-in portion of the city itself. Led by Autodesk, Case Technologies, and the Volterra-Detroit Foundation,

Annie Phan

High-Altitude Scan-to-BIM

ATFF provides Scan-to-BIM services using ReCap and Revit for a hospital renovation in the French Alps

The Project

The Aiguilles-Queyras Hospital Center is a 20,000-square meter facility in Aiguilles, France. Located in the French Alps, the facility has the highest altitude of any hospital in France.

Reality Capture Guru

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