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ReCap 360 Pro Helps Capture The Natural Landscape of Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Tasia Potasinski
June 15, 2016

What do drones and improving outdoor concert experiences have to do with each other?

Plenty, actually. Just recently, CBS covered a story about the power of 3DR (3D Robotics) and Autodesk’s ReCap 360 working together to improve and preserve Red Rocks Amphitheater – an outdoor music venue on the outskirts of Denver, CO.

3DR flew a drone over the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater to capture and create a virtual map of the topography of the venue. The resulting 3D point cloud can then be visualized, measured, and edited in Autodesk’s ReCap 360 Pro. This impressive technology is highly accurate and the implications are far-reaching.

The “walls” of the outdoor venue comprise of uneven natural rock with crevices and small ledges (pictured above). Previously, measuring and mapping such a surface would have to be done by hand – which, on this surface, would be nearly impossible.

By capturing the rock face using 3DR drones and processing the photos using ReCap 360’s Fly Web Service, it’s possible to create an incredibly accurate digital version of the theater. This allows sound and light engineers to improve the quality of the show by testing the effects virtually before investing resources to implement them into the live show.

ReCap 360 Pro Helps Capture The Natural Landscape of Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Not only that, but it’s now possible to monitor changes in the surrounding landscape over time, which can help with preservation of this historic site. By attaching a digital camera to a drone and taking aerial images, you get a contextual model (pictured above) which includes the theater plus the surrounding geography.

The venue has hosted performances by artists such as Sting, the Beatles, and U2 – and with careful monitoring of the landscape, it will continue to amaze concertgoers with its natural beauty, great acoustics, and stunning light shows.

ReCap 360 Pro Helps Capture The Natural Landscape of Red Rocks

The benefits of 3DR’s Site Scan combined with ReCap 360’s photo processing and point cloud technologies reach beyond just the show business industry. In architecture, construction, and engineering, site managers can save a substantial amount on costs in the building process. Site managers can take accurate measurements more efficiently from the digital model of the site, and can calculate the optimal amount of material necessary to complete the project.


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