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ReCap, ReCap Pro Features, and ReCap 360 Web Services FAQ

I. What are the ReCap Products and Services available today?

– ReCap is our desktop application for editing and visualizing 3D data from laser scans. It processes scans from any device and export to Autodesk products. It can be connected to Autodesk 360 cloud for publishing and sharing laser scans. ReCap has several “professional” features (see below). When activated, the product is called ReCap Pro;

– ReCap 360 is our central portal for all Reality Capture clouds services. It includes two services today:

    • Real View on ReCap 360: Web service for sharing and collaboration of scans
    • Photo on ReCap 360 : Photo-to-3D Web service

II. What is the difference between ReCap (desktop) and ReCap Pro?

– ReCap and ReCap Pro are the same desktop application. ReCap contains both free and for-pay professional features. The for-pay features are called the “Pro” features, and are activated under term-based desktop subscription plan;


III. Where can I find ReCap / ReCap Pro desktop app?

– ReCap app is delivered as part of the following Autodesk Suites:

    • Building Design;
    • Factory Design;
    • Infrastructure Design;
    • Plant Design;
    • Product Design;

– ReCap is not part of:

    • AutoCAD Design;
    • Entertainment Creation;

– You can also download this application from ReCap Product Page:

And then click on “Free Trial”:

IV. Is there a trial version for the Pro features of ReCap? 

– Once ReCap has been installed, the Pro features are activated for a 30 days trial period;

– After these 30 days, if no purchase has occurred, the Pro features will be de-activated and only the standard ones (see the table above) will be available;

V. How can I buy the ReCap Pro features and how much do they cost?

– ReCap Pro features are available via a monthly, quarterly or annual desktop subscription term plan;


PRICING (US Dollars)










eStore or Reseller


VI. What about Enterprise Customers?

– Token Flex (T-Flex) is an enterprise licensing offering where product usage is metered by hour and billed appropriately.  ReCap Pro is 4 tokens per hour, 20 tokens per day or 380 tokens per month;

– ReCap Pro will not be available as Multiflex as that requires perpetual licensing which we do not provide;

VII. If the customer has bought a 2014 or 2015 Suite, does it have ReCap Pro?

– A customer must purchase ReCap Pro features independently of any Suite or of any subscription plan;

– ReCap Pro features are not a Suite or Subscription entitlement;

VIII. Where can I buy ReCap Pro features?

– Here is the link to the estore:;

IX. Can I purchase ReCap Pro features from resellers?

– Quarterly and annual term plans are available through resellers;

– The Get Started” page ( provides three purchase options. Clicking in the quarterly or annual will bring up the “Find a reseller” button;

X. Which services are provided with ReCap 360?

– ReCap 360 ( provides a set of 2 services today. There will be more added in the future. The 2 services are:

    • Real View, to display laser point clouds as panoramic depth images that can be shared, used for measurements or annotated. It’s a free service available to anybody having an A360 account;
    • Photo on ReCap 360, the photo-to-3D service available for whoever has an account on A360. Generating high-res models require to subscribe to the ReCap 360 subscription plan and to pay 5 cloud credits per model generated (1 cloud credit = US$ 1). Anybody already under subscription can use his cloud credits as well for this service and does not need to pay the ReCap 360 subscription plan, unless he wants to benefit from the additional storage space coming with it (see below);

XI. Is Real View on ReCap 360 a free service?

– Yes, Real View on ReCap 360 is a free service, which means that you will not spend cloud credits when using it;

XII. Can I publish laser scans on ReCap 360 without paying the ReCap Pro features for the desktop app?

– Yes…

    • Real Views are created from structured scans (ie, laser scans made from a terrestrial scanner such as the Faro Focus for example). These Real Views are initially created during the import phase of your raw scans in ReCap application. You don’t need to pay for the Pro Features to get this capability;
    • You can publish these Real Views on A360 from ReCap desktop app after the scans have been indexed, without having to pay for the Pro features. In this case (ie without any registration), the various scans are not connected together, but each individual scan can still be viewed and shared as Real Views, and used for measurements or annotations;

– But…

    • Most users will first register the scans (for which they will need to buy the Pro features) before publishing them on A360. In this case, the top view map will be generated automatically, making it much easier to navigate within the various scans;

XIII. Is Photo on ReCap 360 a free service?

– No…

    • Photo on ReCap 360 is not a free service, and you will need to spend 5 cloud credits each time you want to use the service in its full potential, in particular, to compute 3D models with the highest possible resolution and in FBX, RCS and IPM formats;

– But…

    • There is a “preview” mode that is accessible for free, i.e. without spending any cloud credits. With this “preview” mode, you are limited to 50 photos at a maximum of 12 Mega Pixels each, and the export formats will be OBJ and RCM only;

XIV. Is there a subscription plan for ReCap 360 and what do I get for it?

– Yes, you can purchase a ReCap 360 annual subscription plan for $55 SRP (price in the US; for price in other countries, check the web site), which will give you additional storage, a set of cloud credits, and several advanced features in the Photo-to-3D service;

– Included in this subscription plan are:

    • Ultra mode for creating professional-grade 3D reconstructions from up to 250 high-resolution photos at any resolution. If you are under subscription on another Autodesk product, you automatically receive access to this feature as an entitlement. Each job processed in this “ultra” mode will cost you 5 cloud credits;
    • Export photo-realistic models in FBX, RCS and IPM. With seamless support in Autodesk design and creation suites, Photo on ReCap 360 reconstructions can be used in 3D printing, 3D documentation and visualization, conceptual design, measurement and analysis, visual effects and asset creation workflows;
    • 25G of Autodesk 360 cloud storage to support multiple 3D reconstructions concurrently. If you don’t have a subscription with another Autodesk product, a ReCap 360 subscription plan provides you with the maximum amount of Autodesk 360 cloud storage available. If your storage needs exceed 25G, you can purchase an additional ReCap 360 subscription plan or use a 3rd party storage service;
    • 150 cloud credits to start producing your first 3D models in “ultra” mode;

XV. Where can I buy the ReCap 360 plan from?

– Go to the “Get Started” page ( and select the ReCap 360 tab;

– If you select Buy Online, you end-up in the e-store:;

– You then need to select “Annually” and “Basic” to purchase the ReCap 360 subscription plan;

XVI. Are the cloud credits for Photo on ReCap 360 spent per project or per 3D reconstruction?

– You will spend 5 cloud credits each time you ask for a 3D model in “ultra” resolution;

XVII. Can I use any cloud credit for the Photo on ReCap 360 service?

– Yes, the Photo on ReCap 360 service is using the same cloud credits than any other service on Autodesk 360;

– As an example, if you have a subscription in place with another Autodesk product, you don’t need to purchase the subscription plan for ReCap 360, and when running 3D reconstructions from photos on ReCap 360, cloud credits will be taken from this existing subscription;

XVIII. How can I know how many cloud credits do I have left?

– When asking for a 3D model in “ultra” mode, the software will tell you how many cloud credits you have left;

– Another way to go is to access your A360 profile and check your account;

– Then, select “Reporting” on the right hand side to know how many cloud credits you have spent and how much are left;




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