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Project success with the largest healthcare facility ever modeled in Revit and a redefined approach to BIM

Written by David Goyne, Senior Associate, VDC Leader CannonDesign; Deepika Khowal, Customer Success Manager; and Val Maass, Copywriter  01/31/2018

Set in the heart of Montreal, the new Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is changing the landscape of the Canadian metropolis. Occupying two full blocks,

Sylvia Knauer

3 videos to help you get started with energy performance analysis in Revit

Did you know that a subscription to Revit or the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection includes access to Insight, a powerful tool for energy performance analysis? Insight is a cloud-based simulation platform integrated with Revit that provides centralized access to performance data and advanced analysis engines. 

Sarah Sharifi

Collaborating in 3D: Revit helps the new Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science take shape

From a spherical planetarium to a building covered in randomized geometric shapes, Miami’s Frost Museum presented considerable technical challenges for Gate Precast. But with Revit, the design and concrete teams were able to collaborate in three dimensions.

When Bryant Luke, vice president of operations at Gate Precast Company’s Kissimmee,

Vanessa Bertollini

Compare changes between Revit design versions

Need another way to understand and see exactly what has been changed in Revit design versions from one iteration to the next?  Designers, project managers, and engineers can use the version compare tool in BIM 360 Team to highlight the differences between two Revit files.

Using version compare not only improves the designers’ understanding of the design changes across versions of a Revit file,

Sylvia Knauer


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