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Get an edge on your Revit training with 5 need-to-know terms

Even with formal Revit training, learning to use Revit can be a big task to tackle. When coming to Revit from another application, such as AutoCAD it is quite likely everything just “feels” different and takes some getting used to. One thing that can help smooth out the learning curve of Revit is taking some time to learn some of the some of the unique language Revit uses to describe things.

Jeff Hanson

Revit Energy Analysis Helps Meet Architecture 2030 Challenge Goals

The architecture 2030 Challenge calls for all new US buildings, developments, and major renovations to be carbon-neutral by 2030. The key to meeting this challenge? Energy analysis from start to finish. Analyzing a complete or near-final design has little or no effect on a building’s operational energy performance.

Michael Floyd

What’s New in Revit MEP 2018 for Electrical Circuit Pathway

Revit 2018 enables you to modify an electrical circuit path for more accurate voltage drop calculations. You can choose to edit the circuit path by selecting Farthest Device, All Devices, or Custom and manually edit the circuit path.

You can manually adjust the offset (elevation) and position of the circuit path as well as set the default offset.

Armundo Darling

Housing the Scream: Revit helps a new Munch Museum rise in Oslo

You are likely familiar with the work of Edvard Munch whose painting “The Scream” has iconic status and is a universal cultural reference.  But did you know Revit software has been central to the design of the new Munch Museum that will house a large collection of the artist’s work?

Sylvia Knauer


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