#fusionCAMChallenge 5.0 Winners from Instagram!


For 14 Days, starting after WESTEC (September 19th) we ran our last Fusion 360 CAM contest of 2017 on Instagram.  With two #fusioncamchallenge’s notched on our belt this year, and with all the buzz around 15 HSM CAM specific classes at Autodesk University 2017, the CAM Team found another ‘golden ticket’ to AU under some 6061-T6 stock at Pier 9.  So back by popular demand, we ran another Fusion 360 CAM contest on Instagram, just in the nick of time for a Grand Prize winner to re-adjust their entire November schedule for Autodesk University:-)

Like last year, before we could blink, Tooling and Machine vendors began reaching out on how they could give back to the community. This time PocketNC reached out and is providing a V2 Desktop to one lucky winner. Also, we’re including consolation prizes such as a GoPro, $1500 Lakeshore Carbide eGift Card, $1000 MariTool eGift Card, the famous AB Tools Shear Hog, a tooling package from ChipX and Fusion 360 Swag.

With all these tool vendors supplying prizes, it just made sense to theme the contest ‘Tooling Feeds & Speeds’.  The only caveat to this #fusioncamchallenge is NO photo entries are accepted, only video content. (How can you hear a tool cutting when it’s just a photo?:-) (Revisit the contest details HERE)

Over 85 unique entries later, from @sscadcam ‘Paramount Pictures’ style production video, to @tmitchell.tn ‘Documentary’ themed explanation, we had a multitude of machined, CNC routed, laser-cut, waterjet, and plasma-cut parts submitted.  All contestants demonstrated their ‘black art’ to feeds and speeds, knowledge of HSM products, and artistic flair.

The “Grand Prize” is AU admission, including hotel expenses! With 15 HSM CAM Classes this year at AU, plus a specific MFG Day on Thursday, November 16th, it’s a great year to visit Autodesk University. Most importantly, their name entered into a lottery to win a PocketNC v2 Desktop 5-Axis CNC Machine.

On another note, if you don’t walk away with the AU 2017 Ticket, we’re offering a Certification/MFG One Day Pass for $600.  Details are here. (There’s my shameless plug).

If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #fusioncamchallenge


THE ‘RAFFLE’ PRIZE | POCKETNC V2 Desktop CNC 5-Axis Machine


1st Place – Grand Prize – Autodesk University 2017

There were a lot of outstanding entries, but @mfceo_machinist brought humor to his entry, with the Clown from ‘IT’ making a cameo, plus this was the only submission around Mill-Turn.  We love J.C’s positive attitude and contribution to the IG Community, so thank you for all your previous submissions for past #fusioncamchallenge!  Congrats, and start looking into airfare to Las Vegas for November!

Machine: Okuma Genos L200e-m CNC Lathe with live tooling.

Material: 2″ Al7075 rod.


  • OD ROUGHING. Holder Sandvik Coroturn DCLNR 12 4b. Insert Iscar CNMG 431 PP IC-10 1500 RPM 0.012″IPR 0.05″DOC
  • OD FINISHING. Holder Iscar MVJNR 12-3 . Insert Iscar VNMS 331-12 IC-808 2000 RPM 0.005″ IPR 0.005″ DOC
  • Holder Sandvik Coromant RF 123 G040-12B . Insert Iscar TIP 2MT-0.05 500 RPM 0.0625″ IPR
  • CUTOFFF and GROOVING. Holder Iscar TGSU 35-2- IQ . Insert TAG N2C IC-808 600 RPM 0.004″ IPR

$1500 Lakeshore Carbide eGift Card Winner

I call this entry ‘The Dump Truck’.  Amazed to see how much scrap aluminum from 3 Blocks makes, and ready for the recycling center!  Congrats @1185mfg!

Machine: DMG Mori

Tooling Specs:

  • Sumitomo 3″ Facemill, 6800 RPM, 260 IPM, Z – .250, Stepover 2.2″

$1000 MariTool eGift Card Winner

This entry needs no explanation.  Just watch @sscadcam work his magic…as usual.  Well deserved.

Machine: DMG Mori DMU 65 monoBLOCK
Main Tooling:

  • Sandvik RAL90 10k 300ipm .75woc .05doc
  • Garr Tool .5 ball 15k 300ipm/100ipm .02woc
  • Destiny Tool .25 em 15k 100ipm .05woc

AB Tools Shear Hog Winner

Watching this was selling me on Fusion 360 & Tormach!  Nice work @eschneit for your incredible Adobe After Effects Menu and detailed video!

Machine: Tormach PCNC 770

Main Tooling:

  • Lakeshore Carbide 4 Flute, .25 Flat Endmill (10K RPM, .05 Stepover, .48 Axial Stepdown, 83 IPM)
  • .25 Flat Endmill, 28IPM, 10K RPM

ChipX Tooling Package Winner

The beautiful thing about the Instagram Community is seeing people get inspired by other people.  If it weren’t for @rob.awesome.lockwood STL Mountain, @dylankscott wouldn’t have been inspired to create this ‘basalt’ key tray.  Nice Work Sir, and thank you awesome Rob for inspiring the community!  Enjoy your new Endmills!

Machine: Man-made

Material: Aluminium

Main Tooling:

  • Roughing and semi-finish with @garrtool3 flute 1/4″ aluminum specific endmill at 12000RPM, 1500mm/sec, 1mm DOC, 2.54mm stepover.
  • Finish milling with @maritoolusa3 flute 1/8″ endmill at 12000RPM, 500mm/sec, max stepover (horizontal finish toolpath) at 2mm (0.15mm left on floor from semi-finish).

GoPro Hero 5 Winner

It’s always great to see people making the best of what they got.  We’ve gotten entries from users that have a Shapeoko 3, to a DMG Mori.  Any one of these machines can still make a great part.  @josh_pge took the Las Vegas AU Theme to a new level and created this masterpiece on his 6000RPM 3-axis Mill.  Congrats, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll record with your new GoPro HERO 5!!!

Machine: 6000RPM 3-axis Mill


  • 1/2 4fl 5000 rpm 45ipm
  • 1/4 2fl 6000rpm 45ipm
  • 1/8 Ball 6000rpm 40ipm


Dinner with @OneEarTim (Tim Paul from the CAM Team)

We were amazed at how serious people took to having a candlelight dinner with our CAM Guru, Tim Paul at Autodesk University. So, we decided there couldn’t be just one winner. We already have quite a few customers coming to AU2017, with many of them submitting a #fusioncamchallenge entry.  Well everyone, get ready for a ‘Chinese Family Style’ Dinner @sscadcam, laurenswijnschenk, @rob.awesome.lockwood, @the_dr.phil_experience, @helical_fresh and @yetiman01! (@yetiman01 – since you didn’t win the AU Pass, just fly your private Cessna we’ve seen on Instagram in for dinner ?

THE ‘BONUS POINTS’ CATEGORY (Waterjet, Laser, and Plasma Cutting)

Dealing with ‘feeds and speeds’ on a CNC Machine is already a ‘black art,’ but how do you dial in a Waterjet, Laser or Plasma Cutter?  Well, these peeps shared their talents on running one of these fine pieces of equipment, and for your efforts, you ALL get Fusion 360 Swag Bags!!!

If you didn’t notice, OMAX Waterjet debuted their latest ‘Baby Omax’ to the lineup! @protomaxwj displayed its capabilities on a 12” x 12” Cutting Area.  Check it out  HERE!



‘For best ‘Design to MFG’ Video. @paddywaggonn showed us Design and 3D Printing, to CNC Machining!

For best Evangelist of Lakeshore Carbide Tooling…@supercompsports thanks for showcasing how you use Setup Sheets!

The best ’Safety First’.  Pcsc_machinefab putting on their Welding Helmets in the nick of time!

The best ‘Neon Fly-out’ Menu:

For best looking ‘Surface Finish’:

For ‘Faster RPM’s (34K): Damn you Datron.

For Best Showcasing the AB Tools Shear Hog:

For Best ‘Star Wars Intro’

For Best ‘Surface Finish’ Part 2:

For Best ‘Lighting Effects’:


There were so many excellent submissions this time around. I wish we could have highlighted them all!  Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check out the Instagram hashtag #FusionCAMchallenge.

One thing is clear, expect to see more of these contests in the future, and if you have any ideas around the next one, feel free to share in the comments below!

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