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During Autodesk University, attendees were able to work on a project from start to finish, and following the theme of #MakeAnything, they were able to actually assemble and take home their completed project in the Autodesk Factory powered by Fusion. The project selected for this year was a portable speaker.

The Product Innovation Platform program was a single day class that covered the different aspects of designing then making the portable speaker. Classes covered this day include:

  • Designing and soldering the electronic PCB board using Eagle software.
  • Transferring the PCB into Fusion 360 for part of the design and assembly modeling.
  • Using t-splines in Fusion 360 to design the enclosure with smooth surfaces.
  • Creating drawings of the completed components.
  • Rendering the completed projects.
  • Create CNC CAM cutterpaths to mill the wood enclosure.

Not only were participants designing all the components of the speaker enclosure, but the actual components were being made in the Autodesk University 2017 exhibition hall in the Autodesk Factory powered by Fusion. Two CNC machines in the factory was milling the wood enclosures, a Haas lathe was turning the control knobs, a laser cutter was creating face plates, 3d Printers were printing PCB enclosures, PCB boards were being created on a special machine, and a water jet made the tool necessary to assemble the speaker.

As participants worked through the factory and assembly process, their progress was tracked and displayed by Fusion Lifecycle.

Watch the video below to see the Factory in motion.

With a program of complete design through manufacturing and assembly, it’s not surprising that one participant said it was his favorite thing after attending four Autodesk Universities.

We would like to thank our sponsors that assisted in the Autodesk Factory powered by Fusion. Without their help, this program would not have been as complete as it was.

Autodesk Factory Powered by Fusion sponsors

Special thanks to our Factory Sponsors

For more information, visit the Autodesk Fusion 360 page.

Some additional images of the program from #AU2017 are below.

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