#AutodeskCAMChallenge 2018 Winners!


Back by popular demand, for 22 Days, we ran our newly branded #autodeskcamchallenge of 2018 not only on Instagram, but Facebook and Twitter as well.

Like last year, before we could blink an eye, Tooling and Workholding vendors began reaching out on how they could give back to the community. This time, 5th Axis generously donated their famous ‘RockLock Quick Change System’ as a raffle prize for one lucky winner.  Also, we’re including consolation prizes such as a GoPro, $1000 MariTool eGift Card, $500 Harvey/Helical Tooling Package, and Fusion 360 Swag.  Most importantly, with IMTS 2018 around the corner, two winners will enjoy entry, room and board to America’s Finest Manufacturing Show, which is held every 2 years in Chicago, IL.

Since we’re celebrating the acquisition of Delcam (yes we’re 4 years late on the party), it just made sense to theme the contest under ‘one’ Autodesk brand, so why not have contestants attempt in manufacturing the Autodesk Logo?!  A few users have reached out in the past feeling intimidated to enter the CAM Challenge due to their skillset, so we decided to offer two parts…one for beginners, and another for the ‘veterans’. (Revisit the contest details HERE)

Over 45 unique entries later, from another @sscadcam ‘Universal Pictures’ style production video, to @glehaf ‘Documentary’ themed explanation on YouTube, we had a multitude of machined, CNC routed, laser-cut, waterjet, and plasma-cut parts submitted.  All contestants demonstrated their ‘black art’ to feeds and speeds, knowledge of Autodesk MFG products, and artistic flair.

The “Grand Prize” is AU admission, including hotel expenses PLUS admission and hotel expenses for IMTS 2018!

If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #autodeskcamchallenge


THE ‘RAFFLE’ PRIZE | 5th Axis RockLock Quick Change System

Congrats to @Backhandbikes for winning the 5th Axis RockLock Quick Change System!

1st Place – Grand Prize – Autodesk University 2018 PLUS IMTS 2018

The ‘Hail Mary’

There were a lot of outstanding entries, but @proteummach threw the ‘Hail Mary’ in the 11th Hour, bringing together the Delcam and Autodesk Family on a pedestal of planetary gears using involute gears, which rotate the logos as well as revolving around the Autodesk A.  This masterpiece was designed, CAM programmed, and rendered in Fusion 360; as well as, machined on a 2001 Kitamura Sparkchanger 1xi VMC.   We love Dylan’s positive attitude and contribution to the IG Community, so thank you for all your previous submissions for past #fusioncamchallenge/#autodeskcamchallenge!  Congrats, and start looking into airfare to Las Vegas and Chicago!

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Alright @curtis.chan here is our "Aaron Rogers" throw for the TD. Keeping with the spirit of allowing all the Autodesk CAM systems compete we designed 3D models after the logos of the Delcam and HSM families. All the logos are sitting on a planetary gearset using involute gears that rotate the logos as well as revolving around the Autodesk A. Designed, CAM programmed, and rendered in Fusion 360. Machined on our 2001 Kitamura Sparkchanger 1xi VMC. I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. This challenge really pushed us to design something complex and that would push our limits. Having customer orders to finish right up until this past weekend made it a scramble to finish, but here we are complete and having learned a lot. #instamachinist #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #imts2018 #AU2018 #fusion360 #autodeskcam @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg

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2nd Place – IMTS 2018 Entry and Hotel Accommodations PLUS GoPro Hero Black 6

With the rebranding of the #fusioncamchallenge becoming the #autodeskcamchallenge, great to see PowerMill Users contributing to the #instamachinist community, and showcasing it’s proven 5-axis capabilities.  Nice work @wagnermachineco and we’ll see you at IMTS 2018!

3rd Place – IMTS 2018 Entry and Hotel Accommodations

If you haven’t seen 3DTechDraw’s Autodesk HSM Customer Story, check it out, but the mastermind behind the scenes @laurenswijnschenk put together a ‘World Cup’ trophy MasterPiece!  Nice work Laurens, and we’ll see you at IMTS 2018!

4th Place – $1000 MariTool eGift Card Winner

Do I need to say more?  The famous @rob.awesome.lockwood put generative design within Fusion 360 to the test, and machined an unbelievable trophy/shelf bracket.  Nice work Sir.

5th Place – $500 Harvey/Helical Tooling Package

‘O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…’ The team at @matalengineering crushed it with a ‘viral’ video that had the most reposts out of all the #autodeskcamchallenge content.  Nice works Gents!  Enjoy some ‘Imperial’ Endmills for your HAAS UMC750 in Sweden.


First off, attempting to take on the #autodeskcamchallenge in between your day job and balancing your personal life, shows us your dedication to the #instamachinist community, and we thank you all for your contributions.

Chatting with the CAM Team, @the_true_croation_sensation rummaged through the closets at Pier 9, and stumbled across a stash of Fusion 360 Swag, so we decided to select another five (5) contestants who did a stellar job, but unfortunately didn’t take home any of the prizes.  These five (5) peeps below shared their talents on tackling the Autodesk Logo, and for your efforts, you get Fusion 360 Swag Bags!!!

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My official entry for the 2018 Autodesk CAM Challenge! Floating Autodesk logo has to mean it’s awesome, and it is! From idea to part in no time. Everything was made on the Carbide 3D: Nomad 883 Pro. All CAD and CAM was drawn in Fusion 360. Autodesk logo is 1.5” tall, Autodesk University + Fusion 360 logos are 1” tall. Letters are 10mm tall. Wood base is made of poplar wood , 4”x4” x 1” tall, w/ 30deg taper. Floating platform is 2” dia. Varathane Carrington wood stain. Endmills used: 1/64”, 1/32”, 3/64”, 1/8”. This is my first year entering, had a blast and learned a lot. Humbled by everyone’s entries. Some really amazing and inspirational people out there! I have much to learn. #Nomad883#carbide3d#shapeoko#diycnc#cnc#cncmilling#cncmachining#maker#instamachinist#diy#fusion360 #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #imts2018 #harveytool #helicaltool #maritool #5thaxis @carbide3d @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg

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Word circulated quickly around Autodesk on the #autodeskcamchallenge ‘Trophy’, and one of the ‘decision makers’ for the Autodesk University CAM Classes would like to give @margro Trophy to the best CAM presenter at Autodesk University this year!  Marv did a fantastic job as well, but even though he didn’t take first place, his trophy will go to the top AU CAM Speaker, and he should feel honored!


There were so many excellent submissions this time around. I wish we could have highlighted them all!  Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check out the Instagram hashtag #autodeskcamchallenge.

One thing is clear, expect to see more of these contests in the future, and if you have any ideas around the next one, feel free to share in the comments below!

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So much more to me than a contest. This was a milestone for me. I've always wanted to learn about manufacturing and try my hand at operating a CNC, but never could afford one. So I set about designing and building a router from scratch. I still have a long ways to go, and over the years I have spent way more than had I just bought one; but I have learned so much more by taking this journey. This will be a cherished item as it represents so many years of self education and learning. So while I continue to grow and learn one day at a time, thank you @Autodesk because your software helped me get to where I am. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #IMTS2018 #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #autodeskinventor #fusion360

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