Stewart-Haas Racing – Using PowerInspect for NASCAR-Level Precision


Among NASCAR racing teams, the requirements are not so many guidelines as they are pathways. When you follow the requirements that NASCAR has sent for their racers, then you have a shot at victory. This is what every team is pursuing, what all their work amounts to, and why they are so passionate about what they do. Ask any NASCAR racing team what they love most about their sport, and they will tell you: it’s the competition. Out there on the track, every detail matters – and racers win and lose by the smallest margins. 
In the modern world of auto racing, the margins have become smaller than ever before, and as technology pushes capabilities forward, again and again, they become smaller every year.  Smaller margins drive tighter tolerances and require more precise measurement. The implications of these ever-shrinking margins are clear: racing professionals know that it is their precision in engineering that will give them the edge they need to hit their performance goals.  Fail to meet the accuracy standards that NASCAR regulations demand and you will not be permitted to take to the start line. Fall short on any of the measurements and you will soon find yourself watching the winning cars passing by you on their final laps. 
PowerInspect is a tool that Stewart-Haas Racing trusts to achieve the high levels of precision they need to win races. Currently competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, Stewart-Haas Racing is known across the country as a team that competes with ferocity in every race they enter – and when it comes to holding and verifying tolerances according to NASCAR requirements, they know that they can trust Autodesk’s PowerInspect technology. Prior to a NASCAR inspection, the Stewart-Haas team uses PowerInspect to perform 3D measurements on their hardware. They have seen it for themselves, their finishes bearing out the value of their efforts: PowerInspect works.

For measurements that racing teams used to perform using nothing but some string and a tape measure, precision levels are now at three decimal places – every thousandth counts. The human eye and hand simply cannot inspect precision engineering to that level of precision- certainly not reliably, and as often as required.  The right software can- PowerInspect is the go-to measurement tool of the day.  The Stewart-Haas Racing team understands this and relies on the software to back them up as competitors. There is a winner in every NASCAR race- a car that crosses the finish line first.  Using PowerInspect, Stewart-Haas can put themselves in a position to be that car every time they line up. 



Chan Solanki

Marketing Manager at Autodesk working from the Birmingham, Technology Centre, UK, focusing on marketing the advanced manufacturing capabilities for robotics, high-rate additive, CAM and metrology. Masters in Product Design and Engineering with over a decade of experience in design, manufacturing and marketing.

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