#AutodeskCAMChallenge 2.0 Winners!


By Curtis Chan

We’re finally ‘hanging up the jersey’ after these past 15 Days for the #autodeskcamchallenge 2.0, and retiring the #autodeskcamchallenge brand.  Seven (7), yes seven CAM Challenges later, we’ve seen this #instamachinist community blossom into Thought Leaders, new friendships, and most importantly, helping one another out.  The team at Autodesk is honored to be apart of this community, but don’t worry, this WON’T be our last ‘challenge’.

Like last year, before we could blink an eye, our Machine Tool Partners began reaching out on how they could give back to the community. Once again, 5th Axis generously donated their famous ‘RockLock Quick Change System’ as a raffle prize to one lucky winner (@backhandbikes was the lucky winners last time).  Also, prizes from Orange Vise, Tormach, MariTool, the list goes on, all donated to another ‘fan favorite’ CAM Challenge.  Most importantly, with our days numbered in Las Vegas for Autodesk University, the Grand Prize inclues entry, room and board to America’s Finest Conference, PLUS your choice of an Orange Vise . (Revisit the contest details HERE)

Over 40 unique entries later, from another @sscadcam ‘Sundance Filmfest’ style production video, to @saundersmachineworks custom cufflinks, we had a multitude of machined, CNC routed, laser-cut, waterjet, and plasma-cut parts submitted.  All contestants demonstrated their ‘black art’ to feeds and speeds, knowledge of Autodesk MFG products, and artistic flair.

If you didn’t follow the contest, you can see all of the results here:  #autodeskcamchallenge


THE ‘RAFFLE’ PRIZE | 5th Axis Deuce Vise plus a RockLock Adapter Plate

Congrats to @Jeremy6364 for winning the 5th Axis Deuce Vise plus a RockLock Adapter Plate!

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Didn't have any time to make a dedicated part for this #autodeskcamchallenge , so I'm sharing some of my favorite parts instead. Even managed to throw in some tabs… #instamachinist #fusion360 #autodeskmfg @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #billetallthethings

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Grand Prize – Autodesk University 2019 PLUS an Orange Vise Package with ChipX Jaws

There were a lot of outstanding entries, but @matalengineering covered ‘the tasks’ with flying colors!  Not only did he supply a mirror finish, but leveraged tabs in all the perfect places. (Look at the lettering details).  Most impressively, he 3D printed his ‘Titanium’ material before feeding it to his Brother Machine.  If you remember Mattias’ entry from the last challenge (Statue of Liberty), many people felt he got ‘snubbed’, (Now we know how Movie Stars feel at the Oscars when they don’t win:-), but he still pulled through with an awesome tooling package from Harvery Tools.  Well, this time he’s taking home the trophy!  We love Mattias’ positive attitude and contribution to the IG Community, so thank you for all your previous submissions to past #fusioncamchallenge/#autodeskcamchallenge!  Congrats, see you in Las Vegas, AND enjoy that new vise!

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SOUND ON! Slide to watch 2nd part! Here is my official entry for the #autodeskcamchallenge 👊🏻 This is the best ”Mirror finish” i could come up with😜 Mainly went for the tabs😆 #fusion360 for all the ~10h of CAD and CAM i spent on this piece. Using a slightly modified version of the Sinumerik 840D post that comes with fusion 360👌🏻 My @cnsyil T3 tappning center did a total of 7,5h machining on this part. Busted two @harveytool 1mm endmills and two Mitsubishi ball endmills during that time. Material is a piece of 3D printed grade 5 titanium👌🏻 I hope you enjoy! Since my focus was tabs i did give the face of the mirror a quick touch with Scotchbrite by hand. Just to clean up some light marks from the adaptive toolpath i used om the mirror face. @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #fusion360 #Matalengineering #madebymatal #quality #machining #cnc #instamachinist #syil #brothercnc #milling #lathe #turning #prototyping #smallbussiness #autodesk #fusion360 #sweden #göteborg #torslanda

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Prize 1 – Orange Vise Package with ChipX Jaws

62 Toolpaths and 42 custom surface models for toolpath control says how much effort @ledyard_built put in for the #autodeskcamchallenge!  Nice work, and the judges loved your finish!

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I couldn’t help it but post this part one last time for the #autodeskcamchallenge This part was programmed in #Fusion360 and run on an #OkumaMillac44v using a custom post Thank you @autodesk.mfg for continually offering powerful software to college students like me interested in manufacturing. Access to your CAD/CAM software has had a profound impacted on my college education and career goals. With 62 toolpaths and 42 custom surface models for toolpath control on this part I couldn’t ask for a more powerful software. #autodeskmfg #instamachinist #mirrorfinish @curtis.chan @autodesk

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Prize 2 – $1000 Tormach eGift Card

The BMX Bikers always seem to win something in our #autodeskcamchallenge :-).  Nice work @jwcnc on your PCNC 1100!

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Playing around with my #autodeskcamchallenge entry while the @tormach #pcnc1100 is running. Took a few takes to get it to stop on the front. 😁 @adskfusion360 #autodeskmfg #instamachinist #cnc @autodesk.mfg @curtis.chan

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Prize 3 – $1000 MariTool eGift Card

You had us at Hello @S2Jesse with Titanium and Stainless Steel Mirror Finishes.  Congrats, and excited to see what MariTool dials in for your HAAS VM3!

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Titanium and stainless steel mirrors. Here is my #autodeskcamchallenge. Added tabs for extra support which help the chamfer finish. Ran on a @haas_automation #vm3 @autodesk.mfg #fusion360 #instamachinist @curtis.chan

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Prize 4 – $500 Harvey Tool/Helical Solutions Tooling Package

@sscadcam – Do I need to even give an explaination?  He brought a tear to @curtis.chan eye on this masterpiece.

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Yet another last minute entry for the #autodeskcamchallenge @autodesk.mfg // My man @curtis.chan puts in an amazing amount of work for these challenges so I figured why not make him a bobblehead of his emoji using a tab. // As typical rushed to get this done, finishing on the face done with a long reach 😫 @harveytool amorphous diamond ball endmill // #sscadcam #cnc #cncmachining #dmg #dmgmori #stargrippro #bobblehead #snoop #5axis #wiggle #slowmo #autodeskmfg #windowmachining #badassmachinist #fusion360 #cinemachinist #instamachinist #tablife

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Prize 5 –Admission to One (1) Tormach Lathe Class and One (1) Tormach Mill Class in Madison, WI.

It might be time for a Carbide 3D/Bantam Tools Owner (chrislee.design) to expand his work envelope:-) .  A lot of us have gone through these training classes, and hope you enjoy them as well!

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Couple of other shots for the #autodeskcamchallenge I literally hit send at 11:59pm didn’t have time to add more pics. Filmed and edited the video in under a hour this was my closest call yet. #digitalmanufacturing #digitalfabrication #cncmachining #desktopcnc #cnc #maker #diy #cncmachinist #cncmachined #bantamtools #carbide3d

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Prize 6 –Lang Technik Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan

Lang generously donated three (3) Fans, so here are our three winners!  Congrats to @vincent_cline, @metalshoptalk, and the famous @the_dr.phil_experience.

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Here is my #autodeskcamchallenge entry. The part is a battery tie down bracket. Material is grade 5 titanium. Machined on a Fadal 2016L. Designed and programmed in #fusion360. The part used tabs during manufacturing and in its finished form. The part was processed with isotropic superfinishing after machining. You can see a relection but it is not as good as some of those aluminum mirrors some of you are doing. I am curious to see how many titanium "mirrors" are submitted though. This project had a lot of firsts for me. First time I machined titanium, first time I used tabs, first complete part done on my garage Fadal, and first time using and endmill as small as 1/16" diameter. Overall I learned a lot, thanks for the challenge. I had to hustle on this one because I am on the road now till the 20th. #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fadalcnc #titaniummachining #orangevise #serrajaws #maritool

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Darned @autodesk.mfg and #autodeskcamchallenge … my students (aiden and @metalshoptalk_apprentice) are now competing to see who can do a better mirror finish and who can get a mirror finish faster… Autodesk, you are making me work on my vacation (ski week); why do you have to make machining so accessible for our students!!!!

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Here's my last minute #autodeskcamchallenge not the fanciest part, but I thought I would show off another way to window machine instead of using tabs, just cut out a fixture from your stock and bolt it on (if you can) now you have an actual ONE AND DONE part. (May or may not have learned this from @sscadcam ) #instamachinist #autodeskmfg #fusioncamchallenge @curtis.chan @camplete #coffee

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Prize 7 –12 Months CAMplete Free Maintanence to a new purchase or existing license of CAMplete, PLUS a Swag Bag

We have to say @rainhousecanada, the ‘over the shoulder’ shot of Fusion 360 and CAMplete on a I’m guessing 32″ wide screen looked phenomenal!  From the looks of it, it seems this was your first #autodeskcamchallenge, so congrats!


First off, attempting to take on the #autodeskcamchallenge in between your day job and balancing your personal life, shows us your dedication to the #instamachinist community, and we thank you all for your contributions.

Chatting with the 5th Axis Team, we decided to select another five (5) contestants who did a stellar job, but unfortunately didn’t take home any of the prizes, and award them Swag Bags!!!


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Spinning for more than a minute . I wonder how dizzy ? is the magnetic field ? ?. . .. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fusion360 #100to0 #maker #cncprogrammer #cncmachinist #imagineer #playtowin #autodesk #spinner #spinningtop #3dprinter #crealityender3 #tsugami #m08sy #wintheday #makersgonnamake #neodymiummagnets #fidgetspinner

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My entry to the #Autodeskcamchallenge Designed in Maya and Meshmixer. I built the part additively on a Arcam Q10plus at my workplace Arcam EBM using Ti6Al4V powder. It was subsequently machined on a Syil T3 drilltap mill using Fusion 360. @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist #fusion360 #maya #meshmixer #titanium #3dprint

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About to board a flight to WorkbenchCon so I'll leave you with something I find truly hypnotizing (gotta make the most of my free wifi). Leaving a single tab for workholding is probably one of the most satisfying things to do with a 5-axis. Consider this an addendum to my #autodeskcamchallenge entry, @curtis.chan … #pocketnc #5axis #CNC #DIY #Maker #instamachinist #Workshop #Tools #Precision #Fusion360 #cncowners #cncmachining #digitalfabrication #machineshopofhorrors #autodeskmfg @autodesk.mfg

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My #autodeskcamchallenge entry. A redo of my grandfather's brand after getting back a document from 1953 stating it was only one B. This was done on a Haas Mini Mill 2 with fusion 360. #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fusion360

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Finished up the velocity stack plate for my intake project. The finishes came out super nice with all the 3d surfacing. Might as well submit this to the #autodeskcamchallenge Machined from 6061 aluminum on my #brothercnc using #fusion360 for all the design and toolpaths. #autodeskmfg #instamachinist #mirrorfinish @autodesk.mfg @curtis.chan #billetintake #velocitystack #cncmachining #billetallthethings #datsun #ecotec

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There were so many excellent submissions this time around. I wish we could have highlighted them all!  Feel free to take a glimpse below of other fabulous entries, and to view all of the submissions – check out the Instagram hashtag #autodeskcamchallenge.

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Love the mirror finish I get from this face mill on the #tormach . Object in a cube designed in #fusion360 ! Look ma #notabs #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fusion360

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Naming today #CMMMonday Mirror enough for the #autodeskcamchallenge ?

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This is my submission for the #autodeskcamchallenge mirror finish. It’s an example of how I use #fusion360 to perform grinding operations on my #haasautomation mini mill. The chamfer has a fine surface finish called out and there can’t be any rounding on the corners, so hand polishing would be difficult. It starts with hard milling the cavity to near size. Next, a cbn electroplated wheel is used for the rough grinding operation. This is programmed as a bull nosed endmill. Finally, a conventional abrasive 80 grit wheel is dressed using a trace cycle and a radial tool path was used to get the critical up and down motion needed for this type of grinding. All of the grinding was done at 10k rpms and 70 inches per minute. #autodeskmfg #autodeskcamchallenge #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #machinist #toolmaker #toolanddie

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@curtis.chan A better view of those tabs from my entry. #instamachinist #haasautomation #autodeskcamchallenge #fusion360 #haasautomation #minimill2 #imco #piersonworkholding

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Ran a part tonight that had some tabs. Also had decent finish so I will post this as well. Ran in my DM-2. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fusion360

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This I my entry in to the Autodesk can challenge made in fusion 360. Ps I am in middle school and don’t have a cnc machine #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg @adskfusion360

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"Just-this-one-time" mirror finish on a RotoVise body for the #autodeskcamchallenge in hardened ductile cast iron. @oneeartim taught me that just because we can, doesn't mean we should if the print doesn't call for it. . . 3" Kennametal KCRA holder with ceramic inserts, 6000 rpm, 0.5" ipm, .002" doc, clean coolant and the #fusion360 secret is to use a trace toolpath with a .003" vertical slope over 8" so the back side of the cutter doesn't rub. Repeat the pass 5 times. #instamachinist #cncmachining #piersonworkholding #rotovise #workholding #haascnc #grindingischeating #haascnc

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Part for testing the airfoil of the impeller. It was an interesting and accurate work. Made on the machine Haas UMC 750 with Autodesk PowerMill 2019. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #powermill

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You don’t need a fancy machine or expensive tooling to make it shine. Got the @tormach going and teaching parts for @titans_of_cnc_academy this past weekend. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #instamachinist #fusion360

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Superglue workholding to whip up cuff links for a charity event! Meant to use tabs for the #autodeskcamchallenge but accidentally lost them in an extrusion dimension change – superglue held without them! Loctite 380 black Max color fill. #instamachinist #manufacturingentrepreneur

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.06” tabs in @adskfusion360 ✨magical – I made a 3d printed adapter block to interface with the eccentric chuck and it dials the center in well – I ran into a dead end on the machined metal jaws I was working on – this solution is simpler and easier to upgrade #fusion360cam #autodeskcam #cncrouterparts #4thaxis #cncrouter #makergear @makergear #fusion360 #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk

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Looks like the entries are starting to come in… . Nice work @frelux . #autodeskcamchallenge #Repost @frelux ・・・ Riser complete, even managed to get it brother blue 😍 or closest I could anyways. Before I anodized it, I ran a skim cut on the top to match it with the table and doing so I managed to get a pretty decent finish despite a 3" stickout on the tool (only one that would reach). I figured I might as well use this part for the #autodeskcamchallenge too so here you go @curtis.chan . Start to finish all done with #fusion360 #instamachinist #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @autodesk.mfg #mlock #speedio #brothercnc

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I really like to use tabs on projects when I can. I keep trying for the perfect mirror finish haven't gotten it yet work in progress. @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #instamachinist #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg

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cranking out parts into the weekend. fast turnaround is the first step of good customer service #DeedsEng 🇺🇸 #madeinusa #CNC #instamachinist #engineering #fusion360 #autodeskcamchallenge #fabrication

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Testing out some feeds and speed on a fixture plate I am making to practice for the #autodeskcamchallenge of mirror finish @curtis.chan

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This is my entry for the #autodeskcamchallenge it is a depth gauge foot for a Mitutoyo 50millionths indicator. Made on a Haas TM2p with Fusion360 in aluminum. Tools used: Iscar shoulder mill and lakeshore rougher/finisher. This is only a prototype, the plan is to make one out of A2 tool steel with a lapped base. #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk.mfg #fusion360 #lakeshorecarbide @lakeshorecarbide @iscarusa I machined this a couple weeks ago. With exams coming up soon this is all I could muster up for an entry.

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Here it is! My 2019 #autodeskcamchallenge I made on my Haas VF2SS in OFHC 99.99% pure copper. What do you guys think? Does this count as tabs? All designed and CAMed using #autodeskfusion360 #autodeskcamchallenge #autodeskmfg #instamachinist @curtis.chan @autodesk #cnc #copper #mirror #tabs

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