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Propability, the award-winning creative agency to the retail and visual merchandising world is revered for their ability to bring retail and event brands visions to life. Through the development of immersive environments, window displays or in-store features, clients trust in Propability’s expertise for work that exceeds even their highest expectations. However, just over 3 years ago the Propability team found themselves at a crossroads. The digital age was bearing down on the sculpting industry, and Propability had to find a way to stay ahead of its forward march. They decided to go with Autodesk, a decision that has proven wise in the years since, enabling Propability to adapt and embrace the many benefits of the digital age and automation opportunities. Working with major brands such as Hamleys, Mattel, Fenwick, H&M, Kurt Geiger and LEGO Propability is a company of highly skilled creative professionals. From sculptors and designers to prop makers and animators, the Propability team delivers excellence to their clients. There is a level of personal passion that goes into the project planning and attention to detail of props, sculpts or themed immersive environments. Keen to keep up with the times and developing technology, Propability identified an opportunity to invest and adapt towards new ways of working that would eventually allow for savings in time and lengthy approval processes. Automating certain aspects of the project management and production process to eventually make savings and adopt a holistic best of both worlds approach to the manufacturing element of the business.

One such project was for Mattel, celebrating Hot Wheels 50th Year Anniversary. The team at Propability were tasked to bring to life a visual merchandise display for Hamleys toy store. Located on London’s bustling Regent Street.

Working directly from the CAD models provided by Mattel, make it possible for Propability to work at a level of precision that was once impossible. Propability need only program the digital file they receive into their robotic arm using Autodesk software, negating any possibility of miscommunication or misinterpreted details. Whatever a client passes on to Propability, it is possible for an exact replica to be re-created. With Propability able to produce precision or troubleshoot as required to take into account any number of practical considerations. A blend of new technology, Autodesk capabilities, and traditional sculpting techniques means there is so much more flexibility and ability to deliver to tight deadlines and budgets.  With Autodesk software, the production process on the right sort of project can be reduced by half. 

The quality of Propability’s work, of course, dates to before the digital age, and today more than ever reflects the staff’s commitment and immersion in their work. Propability produces characters, models, and replicas just as they should be, keeping clients satisfied and keeping those who see their work nestled firmly within the immersive environments they enjoy. Propability’s steadfast work has thrived on recommendation and solid relationships balanced with high quality and dedicated craftsmanship – this has gotten the company to where it is today, and Autodesk has ensured that they have the opportunity to stay there.

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