Cadline awarded Autodesk Digital Manufacturing Specialisation

Autodesk Platinum Partner Cadline has been awarded the Autodesk Digital Manufacturing Specialisation, the first Autodesk Digital Manufacturing partner in the UK. This is a significant step, allowing Cadline to supply and support all Autodesk CAM and manufacturing technologies, including FeatureCAM, PowerMill, PowerInspect and much more.

Cadline has worked with Autodesk for over 25 years so the addition of CAM technologies to its portfolio is a “natural extension of its manufacturing offering” explained Scott Woolven, Commercial Director at Cadline.

“Until recently it has been difficult to have the CAM conversation with our customers. We were unable to access Autodesk’s solutions that solved our customers complex manufacturing, 5 axis manufacturing or multi machining manufacturing needs. It was especially frustrating with our customers who are already heavily invested in Autodesk platform and technologies, to not be able to help with full design to manufacture workflows.”

“One of the reasons for working hard with the Digital Manufacturing team to achieve this accreditation, was that it enables us to support the entire manufacturing workflow and support our customers standardisation strategies, enabling them to work on a single design to manufacturing technology platform and benefit from the efficiencies this affords them.”

“Our customers are wide ranging; we have a lot of customers throughout the manufacturing sector ranging from industrial machinery, scientific instrumentation, process and packaging to automotive and aerospace and we are looking forward to supporting our customers with their manufacturing capabilities. They can manufacture anywhere in the world and now that Cadline is part of the A2K group of companies,with operations in seven countries,we are able to help support global manufacturing as well as local UK and Northern European requirements.”

“Our challenge as always is to offer exceptional customer service, support every stakeholderinvolved in the process changeand use the right technology to help drive efficiency and reduce cost. This is an exciting opportunity for Cadline and our customers. For the first time we are able to really help customers develop more efficient CAM workflows, integrate design and engineering data effectively and manage data and processes throughout the product lifecycle.”

Cadline’s application for the Digital Manufacturing Specialisation was supported by Mike Malkin, Senior Director of Global Digital Manufacturing Sales at Autodesk, who commented “Cadline has a proven track record delivering Autodesk’s Manufacturing solutions and the addition of their digital manufacturing specialisation is helping us transition our direct CAM business to industry specialised channel partners.”

Follow this link for more information on the partnership between Cadline and Autodesk Manufacturing

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