KETIV announces they are now an Autodesk CAM Specialized Partner


Technology is driving disruption into the manufacturing marketplace at breakneck speed. In this environment, companies must rethink their innovation strategies to maintain a competitive edge and profitability.

The team at KETIV fully recognise the threat of disruption and realise that we are living in a time when the speed of change is faster than it’s ever been, and there are no signs of it slowing down. The amount of technological advancement that once occurred over the course of years is now happening in a fraction of that time.

As technologies continue to accelerate and disrupt, the great differentiator won’t simply be a matter of quality or cost—it will be how much more quickly one company can innovate over another.

Innovation is difficult, but innovation is critical for survival as the manufacturing world is changing.

This is why KETIV is proud to announce they are an Autodesk CAM Specialized partner.

The CAM Specialization means KETIV has the expertise and resources to sell, implement, customize, and train your teams on Autodesk’s full portfolio of advanced manufacturing solutions.

This specialization now gives KETIV the ability to not only help their customers in their design and engineering phases, but also help them produce products that are more complex than ever.

Autodesk's PowerMill

Over the years, KETIV has dedicated theirselves to helping manufacturing companies design, test and engineer their products. Now they have extended their ability to serve their customers in advanced manufacturing. Whether it’s 3D printing, additive or subtractive manufacturing, advanced machining or fabrication, this partnership gives us the ability to provide the technology, service support and guidance their customers need to transition to Autodesk’s advanced product line.

This specialization fits in perfect with KETIV’s purpose to empower today’s innovators and manufacturers for a better tomorrow. They believe the first step to doing that is by pairing you with the right technology to keep you ahead of industry advances.

In today’s world, companies often find themselves battling to develop new and innovative products. KETIV is an expert in navigating this environment and believe advanced manufacturing is the future.

The KETIV team of Advanced CAM Experts are standing by, ready to help you achieve your business outcomes, contact them now to learn how Autodesk’s powerful and innovative software can solve your most complex manufacturing challenges.

Find out more on Autodesk’s advanced manufacturing solutions, here.

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