Autodesk and Formlabs webinar on Netfabb software running 17th February


Sign up for this webinar running on February 17th, 01:00 pm Singapore (GMT+8:00) by Autodesk & Formlabs.

Learn how to optimise your resin consumption and print times with Autodesk Netfabb.

In this webinar, Seiko Nishino (Formlabs) and Peter Rogers (Autodesk) will introduce the workflow for Formlabs’ machines in the Autodesk Netfabb software and the unique advantages it can unlock.

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You will be walked through some best practices of basic build tools, guidance on part orientation, touchpoint size recommendations and latticing capabilities among other things. Helping you improve your print speed, reduce resin consumption and realize the full potential of your Formlabs printer.

Seiko Nishino, Applications Engineer at Formlabs, works to introduce 3D printers to workflows and explore new uses of 3D printers. Seiko has worked on CAE specializing in heat transfer simulations in her previous job and her background is in mechanical engineering where she conducted research on 3D printing of medical implants, and since then have been working with 3D printers.

Peter Rogers, Additive Manufacturing Product Specialist at Autodesk, heads up the additive manufacturing business in APAC, working closely with customers and partners to ensure success is being achieved with 3D printing technology. He started at Autodesk 3.5 years ago to start their business in the region and has been a crucial part of the expansion of Netfabb into the Asian market.

The integration between software and hardware allows customers a better user experience through bringing new features to reduce unnecessary workloads, improve part quality and reduce data transfer errors.

“Formlabs has been working closely with Autodesk on strategic collaborations for a few years now,” said Grant Thomas-Lepore, head of Software Product Management at Formlabs. “We’re excited to be streamlining the benefits of Netfabb to our users and look forward to future collaborations together.”

“Formlabs has been disruptive in democratizing professional 3D printing, just as Autodesk is working to provide professional additive manufacturing design software to every designer, engineer, and researcher,” said Peter Rogers.

We look forward to having you join us on February 17th.

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