• Collision checking in action on a complex aerospace part
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    Article by Clinton Perry, PowerMill Product Marketing Manager If you’ve been following the development of Autodesk PowerMill over recent years, you’ll have noticed a definite pattern, this being a laser focus on the core user experience. This has resulted in some substantial improvements in terms of calculation speed, product reliability, and overall usability. It will […]

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    We’re finally ‘hanging up the jersey’ after these past 15 Days for the #autodeskcamchallenge 2.0, and retiring the #autodeskcamchallenge brand.  Seven (7), yes seven CAM Challenges later, we’ve seen this #instamachinist community blossom into Thought Leaders, new friendships, and most importantly, helping one another out.  The team at Autodesk is honored to be apart of […]

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    Article by Charles Jones, PowerMill Additive, Product Manager. PowerMill 2019, the latest version of Autodesk’s expert CNC milling software, includes a whole new suite of solutions for high rate Additive Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology is still in its infancy, relative to established techniques such as milling, anyway. Like any infant, it is progressing at […]

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    For many years, additive manufacturing seemed like it was going to be the future of all manufacturing industries. Most of this can be chocked up to hype around the new technology. In reality, the future of additive lies in a hybrid manufacturing system, one that combines additive and subtractive techniques for ultimate optimization. When we […]