Compare changes between Revit design versions

Sylvia Knauer January 3, 2018 1 min read

Need another way to understand and see exactly what has been changed in Revit design versions from one iteration to the next?  Designers, project managers, and engineers can use the version compare tool in BIM 360 Team to highlight the differences between two Revit files.

Using version compare not only improves the designers’ understanding of the design changes across versions of a Revit file, but providing the files for view in BIM 360 makes it easy for team leads or others who don’t use Revit themselves to view changes.  Use the tool to understand what as added, removed or modified and even dig into the details of different versions to understand the changes better.

Compare Revit design versions with BIM 360 Team

You can view changes in overlay mode or side by side, toggling your preferred view mode from the tool bar.  Search for specific types of changes by using categories or groups to narrow down the search results.  Using Search+filter, you can look at changes that occurred in groups such as windows or plumbing fixtures.

compare changes between Revit design versions with BIM 360 Team


For more information, read this post on the BIM and Beam blog to see how the compare tool in BIM 360 Team means tracking modifications in a structural steel 3D model has never been easier.

You can try BIM 360 Team along with Collaboration for Revit for 60 days at no cost here.

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