Have You Tried? InfraWorks Shared Views

Nathaniel Lewis November 30, 2020 1 min read

Each month, we profile a useful feature or workflow in InfraWorks. We look across what’s new, what’s been around for a while, and identify features that could improve your experience with InfraWorks while making you and your team more productive. 

Collaboration sits at the foundation of every successful infrastructure design project. With people working remotely more today than ever, teammates often encounter hiccups in their workflow. In this month’s Have You Tried article, we’ll take a closer look at the Shared Views feature in InfraWorks. Shared Views isn’t new, but if you have never used it, you might want to find out how it helps improve collaboration with project stakeholders.

What Is It?

With Shared Views, drawings can be shared straight from InfraWorks to the browser-hosted Autodesk Viewer platform. Using the Autodesk Viewer, teammates and clients can easily comment, measure, and markup on any section of the shared view, allowing rapid exchange of ideas.

\Why Should I Use It?

At its core, Shared Views removes silos in the design workflow. With Shared Views, designers can efficiently share ideas and progress by copying and sharing a link. This means that anyone with the link can view the 3D model along with its attributes and comment on the shared view without having Autodesk InfraWorks installed.

If you have not yet tried Shared Views in InfraWorks, head over to the Have You Tried Topic in InfraWorks to learn more about it.  

InfraWorks is a conceptual design software for infrastructure projects that helps civil engineers model, analyze, and visualize designs in real-world existing conditions context – improving stakeholder engagement and design decisions. Learn more about InfraWorks

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