Have You Tried? InfraWorks Subsurface Terrain Layers

Nathaniel Lewis February 23, 2021 1 min read

In this edition of “Have You Tried”, we discuss a great feature in InfraWorks called subsurface terrain.  

Civil infrastructure projects can be subject to change depending on the make-up of the surface on which they’re built. To better illustrate the thickness and density of their projects’ subsurface terrain, civil engineering professionals can use InfraWorks to add, view, and hide subterranean layers to their models. Adding subsurface terrain layers helps ensure safety and stability while avoiding future complications.

Why use it? 

The subsurface terrain feature is a great tool to be utilized in the planning and design stages of a project. It allows you to accurately model the project environment while customizing the depth and material of subsurface terrain layers. With this critical information, designers can identify existing obstacles and determine the cost and time required to complete a project. 

Head over to the InfraWorks Have You Tried Topic to learn more about subsurface terrain with a case study showcasing the plan of a subterranean rail connecting San Francisco and Oakland California. 

InfraWorks Help: Have You Tried?

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