Have You Tried? Project Explorer for Civil 3D

Nathaniel Lewis June 3, 2021 1 min read

In the Have You Tried for this month, we cover a new extension in Civil 3D – Project Explorer.   

Being able to manage a big amount of project data in your Civil 3D drawings can be tricky at times and is extremely difficult. Let’s take a look at how Project Explorer can help you streamline your workflows. 

What is it? 

Project Explorer is an all-in-one hub for managing Civil 3D project data. It offers a simplified approach to understanding Civil 3D design and helps you review, validate, report, export, and edit drawing data. 

Project Explorer for Civil 3D is available to customers with an Enterprise Business Agreement or as part of a subscription to the AEC Collection. 

Why use it? 

With Project Explorer, you can efficiently control the distribution of geometric information to project stakeholders.  

You can leverage this amazing tool to optimize your project workflows in several ways including: streamline project data navigation, review and design model editing, easily discover and evaluate design criteria warnings to help meet design standards, and many more. 

Learn how to use Project Explorer in Civil 3D in the Have You Tried: Project Explorer topic. 

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