• Revit 2024: Improvements to MEP Fabrication Data Quality with Straight Adjusts 

    Relevant MEP Fabrication products: CADmep, ESTmep, CAMduct, Revit  Overview  To have more consistency and predictable behavior in the generation of flat pattern developments, our team has prioritized several efforts to address a variety of user-reported issues. Historically, these issues would have been addressed in isolation, one by one, resulting in varying levels of inconsistency in […]

  • What’s New for MEP in Revit 2023

    [Authored by: Ian Molloy, Martin Schmid, Brandon White] With Revit 2023, we’re pleased to provide capabilities that span all aspects of the workflow for electrical and mechanical design; from early conceptual design and analysis, to the creation and documentation of design deliverables, along with improvements to support detailed design for construction. These improvements address a […]

  • Tech Preview: MEP Fabrication Data Manager

    About MEP Fabrication Data Manager Tech Preview The MEP Fabrication Data Manager (FDM) Tech Preview is a pre-release cloud-based service for the management of MEP fabrication content for use with Autodesk Revit 2022 and beyond. What is MEP Fabrication Content? MEP Fabrication Content provides mechanical detailers and contractors information rich components that support digital construction. […]

  • Revit 2021 Worksharing improvements for MEP

    In Revit 2021 we made a significant change to the behavior of MEP elements regarding worksharing.  This was done in order to help improve the worksharing experience, to better enable collaboration amongst stakeholders, and to provide a more consistent experience. The changes address three types of issues that have been reported with increasing frequency, as […]

  • Revit 2021 Electrical enhancements

    In Revit 2021, we enhance electrical functionality with better globalization, systems logic, and ease of use.

  • What’s new in MEP for Revit 2021

    Enhancements for Revit 2021 include better worksharing, better integration of fabrication tools, and improved electrical workflows.

  • Feed through lugs in Revit 2020

    We are excited to deliver functionality in Revit 2020 —responding to several related requests on the Revit Idea Station– for better support of the creation and documentation of electrical distribution systems containing panels with feed through lugs.  For those of you using external tools to do more in-depth analysis, this enhancement provides a more accurate model […]

  • Mechanical fabrication model creation improvements for Revit 2019.2

    We are excited to share several usability improvements in Revit 2019.2 for mechanical fabrication modeling.  These improvements were based on user feedback and are intended to improve your overall productivity when producing models in Revit. Revit 2019.2 Improvements When using the trim/extend tool when connecting an off-center branch from the main, the branch will connect […]

  • How to export each assembly to a separate PCF file

    A comment was recently posted to my previous blog post on Exporting PCF Files from Revit 2018 – Part 2 (Assemblies), asking: Thanks for the awesome code Martin! Is there a way to make the file name match the Assembly Name? I’ve provided a revised example below.  The example has been modified to export each […]

  • Model piping faster with P&ID Modeler for Revit 2018.1

    We are pleased to announce the release of Revit P&ID Modeler for Revit 2018.1. Revit P&ID Modeler helps you model piping faster and more efficiently using P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) from a Plant 3D Collaboration project directly within Revit. A common request from our customers across the building and industrial industry has been to […]