Engineering and Design

  • Bridge for Design Collaboration: The Evolution of Project Federation Enabled with Controlled Sharing

    With the increasing demand for building and infrastructure projects, growing complexity of owner requirements, and the evolution of project delivery methods, the AEC industry faces an undeniable shift towards the need for a multidisciplinary collaborative design approach. This approach is being fueled by the availability of cloud-based design collaboration and document management solutions, but that’s […]

  • Data Exchange Connectors for Dynamo and Grasshopper Now Available in Public Beta.

    Increasingly, the global ecosystem of AEC technology appears as a multi-verse of tools, techniques, and data formats. Providing tools that make it easier for you to curate, share, and manage your design data, in whatever form it may take, is our team’s mission and a key priority for Autodesk. This includes project data – the […]

  • Structural Analytical Model Automation

    New Structural Analytical Model in Revit As more and more structural engineers embrace Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, demand is increasing for analytical collaboration in BIM. The development of a structural analytical model is an essential step in a structural engineer’s BIM process.  This model is often used in collaborative workflows across engineering teams.   For […]

  • Tech Preview: MEP Fabrication Data Manager

    About MEP Fabrication Data Manager Tech Preview The MEP Fabrication Data Manager (FDM) Tech Preview is a pre-release cloud-based service for the management of MEP fabrication content for use with Autodesk Revit 2022 and beyond. What is MEP Fabrication Content? MEP Fabrication Content provides mechanical detailers and contractors information rich components that support digital construction. […]

  • The 2D to BIM Story: A Better Approach to Concrete Design and Detailing

    CAD has helped grow the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry far beyond manually produced paper drawings, empowering us to produce more complex, more accurate designs. Today, the AEC industry continues to face new challenges, including financial constraints that increase pressure to deliver projects more quickly and accurately. As a result, AEC firms are evolving […]

  • Coordinated and Accurate Concrete Detailing with Rebar Constraints in Revit

    Revit provides tools for Structural Engineers and Detailers for modeling 3D reinforced concrete and generating quantities, shop drawings, and bending schedules in an advanced BIM environment.

  • What’s New in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021

    Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021 introduces sequential loading, improves wind load simulations, and works better with Revit.

  • Loading Steel Connections from Libraries using Dynamo

    The new version (2020.2.115) of the Autodesk Steel Connections 2020 Dynamo package introduces a bunch of new Dynamo nodes and capabilities. One of these new features allows Dynamo scripts to load preconfigured connection types from external Revit files, rather than requiring them to be present in the current project. This capability enables multiple new workflows; […]

  • Access Robot Structural Analysis Model Data and Results with Excel

    Knowing how to use Microsoft® Office Excel® is one of the essential skills and important tools for structural engineers when designing structures. At the end of the day, engineers rely on the calculation engines they use, so Excel is a great way to ‘gut check’ the output from their analysis and design solutions and to […]

  • Revit and BIM 360 bring AEC collaboration to the cloud

    Ask a project architect about keys to successful design development and you may hear about three C’s: coordination, collaboration, and – more recently – “cloud.” The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry increasingly runs BIM projects in the cloud. Global, multidisciplinary teams coordinate and execute all aspects of a project relying on the real-time exchange […]