• Making the Switch – Stories of Efficient Rebar Detailing in Revit

    A few years ago, we started a series of blog posts highlighting the benefits of integrating the rebar detailing among the project stages that need to unfold in a BIM environment. We acknowledged since then that the reinforced concrete industry was lagging behind structural steel in terms of BIM adoption, and it is for this […]

  • Automatic Generation of Load Combinations in Revit

    Structural loads are an important consideration in the design of buildings. Building codes require that structures be designed and built to safely resist all loads that they are likely to encounter during their service life. In Revit, depending on the load duration and type, various load natures can be created (dead, live, wind, etc.). Structural […]

  • Wind Loads Simulation in AEC Collection

    During a building project, designers and engineers must consider the impact of wind. Whether simply determining design loads or trying to optimize the aerodynamic effects of the building structure and surroundings, wind analysis can pose a challenge. Wind load on a structure depends on several factors including wind velocity, surrounding terrain, and the size, shape, […]

  • AU2020 Structure

    Top 5 structural sessions at AU 2020

    Here are our top picks for sessions at Autodesk University 2020 pertaining to structural design, engineering, and fabrication.

  • Coordinated and Accurate Concrete Detailing with Rebar Constraints in Revit

    Revit provides tools for Structural Engineers and Detailers for modeling 3D reinforced concrete and generating quantities, shop drawings, and bending schedules in an advanced BIM environment.

  • Unity Reflect adds Navisworks integration

    New viewer capability makes it easy to share and visualize real-time BIM data from Navisworks.

  • What’s New in Advance Steel 2021

    We’re excited to announce the latest release of Autodesk’s structural steel detailing software, Advance Steel 2021. Here is an overview of some of the new and enhanced features available in this year’s release. Stretch a beam along its system line When modeling straight or curved beams in Advance Steel, there may be situations where it […]

  • What’s New in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021

    Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021 introduces sequential loading, improves wind load simulations, and works better with Revit.

  • Remote working with Revit

    We're all working remotely. How to avoid disruption and stay connected to your projects with Revit.

  • Loading Steel Connections from Libraries using Dynamo

    The new version (2020.2.115) of the Autodesk Steel Connections 2020 Dynamo package introduces a bunch of new Dynamo nodes and capabilities. One of these new features allows Dynamo scripts to load preconfigured connection types from external Revit files, rather than requiring them to be present in the current project. This capability enables multiple new workflows; […]