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  • Customer Voices: Revit 2022

    It’s been a month since Revit 2022 was introduced to the world, and we wanted to see what customers like you are saying. From improved modeling, documentation, and production to better interoperability, there’s something in this release for everyone. We asked Revit experts from across the AEC industry for their reactions to Revit 2022 and compiled their responses in the video below.  For more […]

  • BIM Manager’s Corner: Revit 2022 and the Case for Upgrade, part 2

    In our first post, we were focusing on the things to “be on the lookout for,” as a BIM Manager or as the person responsible for rolling out new Autodesk Revit software. In this post, let’s get into the specifics of some of the features that aren’t just flashy, but that can return immediate gains […]

  • Officeproject interior design using Revit

    OFFICEPROJECT speeds design process by 70% using Revit

    OFFICEPROJECT is a leading Russian architectural company focused on the engineering and design of office space. Under the leadership of CEO and Chief Project Architect Denis Lobanov, OFFICEPROJECT has become one of the market leaders in terms of the quantity and total area of completed projects. The company had used CAD tools for years. In […]

  • Image of building

    Sustainability by Design

    By incorporating sustainability into the design process, project teams can inform better decisions and improve energy efficiency throughout the life of a building. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that drastic changes are needed to limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. Over that same timeframe, the global population […]

  • A test-case for BIM: RKW Architektur +

    How flexible is the BIM process? This question arose for German firm RKW Architektur + in their project New Office Düsseldorf. The architects started work in Autodesk AutoCAD 2D and switched to the BIM method only in planning phase 5 at the request of the general contractor. Their experience in this project demonstrates that BIM works even […]

  • The Road to Revit: Victaulic’s Real Life Revit Transition Success

    How do I make my transition from AutoCAD to Revit a success?  The task seems daunting. Everything “feels” different in Revit and adoption seems like it may take forever. Victaulic shares their Revit transition success story, and showcases the real life benefits that they have seen from their global Revit transition. In 2014 we made the […]

  • Brayjam Revit VR

    Small residential design firm delivers on homeowners’ dreams with Revit and VR

    Written by Ian Hintze, owner Brayjam Construction Brayjam Construction is a family-owned and operated residential design and construction firm located in New York state. Over the past decade of building out residential projects, it became apparent to us that most clients can’t fully comprehend a design until the project is actually built.  As most contractors […]

  • Autodesk Insight

    Engineer confirms accuracy of Autodesk energy analysis tools

    Written by Heather Johnson It’s a dilemma faced by architects and engineers when considering early-stage design analysis:  which is more important– accuracy or precision?  Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measurement to an actual or known value, while precision is related to variation between multiple measurements of the same element. Accuracy vs precision According […]

  • layoutFAST and Revit

    Connecting design and fabrication with Revit and LayoutFAST plug-in

    Written by Alan Creel, VP Preconstruction Services, Miller Electric Co.  Our goal at Miller Electric Co. is to be a forward-thinking, innovative company. That means understanding our clients’ unique requirements. To do that, we have invested in technology that takes into consideration many variables, including their data infrastructure needs and energy efficiency requirements.  I’d like […]

  • CHUM

    Project success with the largest healthcare facility ever modeled in Revit and a redefined approach to BIM

    Written by David Goyne, Senior Associate, VDC Leader CannonDesign; Deepika Khowal, Customer Success Manager; and Val Maass, Copywriter  01/31/2018 Set in the heart of Montreal, the new Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is changing the landscape of the Canadian metropolis. Occupying two full blocks, CHUM is the largest healthcare construction project currently being built in […]