• Advancing Capabilities for Steel Detailing and Design in BIM

    Autodesk is connecting structural steel to BIM. Since the inception of BIM in the early 2000s, we have worked to bring the benefits of BIM to our users throughout the structures industry and sub-industries. One recent example being our investment in the concrete detailing space.  About a half-dozen years ago, we made substantial strides in […]

  • Have You Tried? Investigating Revit features and workflows.

    New how-to articles added regularly by Autodesk's Jeff Hanson.

  • New Revit extension introduces comprehensive BIM workflow for electrical engineers and designers

    Building systems designs are typically performed using traditional methods, often using 'rule-of-thumb' approaches that are subject to additional margins or safety factors to make allowances for errors. With BIM and Schneider's Advanced Electrical Design for Autodesk Revit solution, electrical systems can now be more accurately and confidently designed.

  • Data Exchange Connectors for Dynamo and Grasshopper Now Available in Public Beta.

    Increasingly, the global ecosystem of AEC technology appears as a multi-verse of tools, techniques, and data formats. Providing tools that make it easier for you to curate, share, and manage your design data, in whatever form it may take, is our team’s mission and a key priority for Autodesk. This includes project data – the […]

  • Autodesk Insight Tech Preview Now Available: Carbon Insights

    [Written by Ian Molloy, Senior Product Line Manager, Autodesk Insight] Autodesk is pleased to announce the Autodesk Insight – Tech Preview for Carbon Insights, a pre-release, cloud-based feature available starting with Revit 2023.1. This feature provides architects insights on embodied carbon impacts in early-stage design. Background Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of total global […]

  • Structural Analytical Model Automation

    New Structural Analytical Model in Revit As more and more structural engineers embrace Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, demand is increasing for analytical collaboration in BIM. The development of a structural analytical model is an essential step in a structural engineer’s BIM process.  This model is often used in collaborative workflows across engineering teams.   For […]

  • Introducing Cloud-First Sheet Set Manager for Civil 3D

    The Sheet Set Manager (SSM) tool for Civil 3D has evolved to support the Autodesk Construction Cloud for managing and organizing project deliverables. This helps Civil engineers better manage complex projects that may include countless sheets stored in countless drawings.   Without SSM, managing drawings across a project from start to finish can be a […]

  • What’s New in Parameters Service

    We’ve got two things to share with you today that could make your work in Revit easier: Parameters Service is released from Tech Preview & Parameters API is now in Beta. Win-win, right? Parameters Service stores your project parameter data in the cloud and integrates into Revit to give you a single source of truth […]

  • What’s New in Autodesk Revit 2023.1

    Revit 2023.1 introduces Twinmotion for Revit, upgrades to MEP modeling tools, more analytical to physical model automation for structural analysis, and handy advancements for everyone, like the ability to edit revisions on multiple sheets, upgrades to the project browser and command functionality, and more! Check the highlights: For the full release notes, check out the […]

  • Parting the Land from the Sea – A Story of Reinforced Concrete & Revit 

    Sea trade has been one of the most important domains of commerce, dating back to 5,000 years ago, when the first major trade routes were set along the Arabian Sea. Back then, small wooden ships were used to carry goods. Fast-forwarding through history to present day, ships of over 400 m (1,300 ft.) navigate the […]