• Group of architects at a conference room table discussing renderings and point clouds on a screen

    [Customer story] Architecture firm cuts project cost by 50% with ReCap 360 Pro

    Mercy Hospital is the 5th largest Catholic healthcare organization in the U.S. Recently, one of their large hospital branches in Jefferson County, Missouri, was due for a renovation. The task? Create new entries, new hallways, and new clinics and to improve patient way-finding and to create room for new services. Read the full post on Infrastructure Reimagined

  • Point cloud of a city intersection

    ‘Field to Finish’ with Point Clouds

    ‘Field to finish’ is an automated surveying process that enables you to automatically create a digital, intelligent map from field survey data. During conventional ground-based surveys, field codes are often used to define captured survey points (this point is a utility pole, these points are the edge of a street curb, and so on). Products…