Civil 3D

  • What’s new in openBIM and Infrastructure: IFC 4.3 for Civil 3D

    The extension IFC 4.3 for Civil 3D 2024 allows civil engineers and designers to share data and context for open project delivery and localization. For architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms working with complex data, software interoperability is a game-changer. Open data formats like IFC allow data to be transferred accurately across different software platforms, […]

  • What’s New in Civil 3D, InfraWorks and ReCap Pro 2024

    The 2024 updates to Civil 3D, InfraWorks and ReCap Pro are here! They help make the design and digital modeling of infrastructure projects much quicker and more efficient, while incorporating sustainable design elements for more streamlined planning processes. Designing in a real-world context is now less complex: workflows across all three infrastructure tools have been […]

  • What’s New In Civil 3D 2023.2 and InfraWorks 2023.1

    We have some exciting new updates for Civil 3D and InfraWorks that make workflows easier to manage and the process of designing and digitally modeling infrastructure projects more efficient. All the updates in these releases have been built based on the feedback and requests we have received from our customers — and we have made some significant changes […]

  • What’s New in Grading Optimization for Civil 3D

    Autodesk Grading Optimization for Civil 3D helps eliminate the tedious, often time-consuming process of grading tasks from your design workflow. In this article we’ll review the latest capabilities in this extension for Autodesk Civil 3D. You’ll also find a collection of highly informative resources. Let’s have a look at what’s New in Grading Optimization 2023.1: […]

  • What’s New in Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and ReCap Pro 2023

    You Asked, We Listened – Discover Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and ReCap Pro new releases Rebuilding the world’s aging infrastructure has become a priority for many countries across the globe — and we at Autodesk understand that the role you play in these efforts is critical. That is why we are so excited to share the newest […]

  • Have You Tried? Grading Optimization for Civil 3D 

    This special publication to our Have You Tried series of articles focuses on Grading Optimization for Civil 3D, a capability launched last year. Here you’ll find an overview of what Grading Optimization can do for you. This article also presents our series of Ask Me Anything: Grading Optimization YouTube Live sessions (GO Live), and shares […]

  • Introducing Geotechnical Modeler for Civil 3D 

    Visualize subsurface data to improve decisions and minimize risk across your projects  Modeling subsurface information is critical when working on new design projects or the rehabilitation of existing capital assets. It involves the analysis of soils, rocks, and other earth materials, and assessing their impact on the construction and performance on every type of project […]

  • Have You Tried?  Shared Reference Point extension for Civil 3D and Revit

    In this month’s edition of our Have You Tried series, we’ll be taking a close look at the Shared Reference Point extension for Civil 3D and Revit. Civil 3D and Revit manage coordinate systems in different ways. Because of the difference in coordinate systems, using the shared reference point extension can greatly improve the organization […]

  • Have You Tried? Project Explorer for Civil 3D

    In the Have You Tried for this month, we cover a new extension in Civil 3D – Project Explorer.    Being able to manage a big amount of project data in your Civil 3D drawings can be tricky at times and is extremely difficult. Let’s take a look at how Project Explorer can help you streamline your workflows.  What is it?  Project Explorer is an all-in-one hub for managing […]

  • Introducing 2022 Civil 3D and InfraWorks New Releases

    Automation, efficiency, cloud collaboration, oh my! By Tim Yarris and Ramesh Sridharan Hello, Tim and Ramesh here from the civil infrastructure product team at Autodesk. Ok, not gonna lie, when President Biden announced his ambitious American Jobs Plan, this was music to our ears. The plan includes a significant investment in modernizing transportation (highways, roads, bridges, airports, and transit […]