• New Structural Content in Revit 2018.2

    New Precast Content New Precast families for beams, columns, slabs, and foundations are now available. Revit users can choose between various types of I-shape, T-shape, trapezoidal and many other beam cross sections. Columns having different corbels configurations and top supporting conditions for beams have been created. TT slabs and isolated foundations, both block and sleeve, […]

  • Structural Precast for Revit – Configuration Settings

    A few weeks ago I published an overview video for Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit and now I think it is the right time to get up to speed on the latest Precast tools in Revit. With this post I would like to start a dedicated series on this new app to help you […]

  • How to Manage Rebar Numbering with Dynamo

    Before we move into the Dynamo part let me quickly highlight rebar numbering and partitioning in Revit. In Revit, numbering allows identical reinforcement elements to be matched for schedules and tags. Partitioning in Revit gives you the ability to define a common parameter for reinforcing elements within a certain construction sequence. Rebar elements are automatically […]

  • Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit

    Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit Software Overview

    Autodesk® Structural Precast Extension for Revit® is a BIM-centric offering for modeling and detailing precast elements that improves productivity and precision for engineers, detailers and fabricators working on typical building projects in the precast industry. As an app for Revit, Structural Precast for Revit provides Revit users access to powerful tools for automatic rule-based segmentation, […]

  • Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit

    Announcing Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit 2018, a notable step toward the future of automatically making structural things

    Autodesk brings into play a new automated workflow for the precast concrete industry. The Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit 2018 provides access to powerful tools for automatic rule-based segmentation, reinforcement, shop drawings and CAM files generation of precast concrete planar elements. This app supports workflows for typical building projects that are made up of […]

  • Free Form Rebar Distribution in Revit 2018.1

    A new type of Rebar can be modeled in Revit 2018.1, by working in 3D views and selecting the structural element faces to which the rebars are aligned. Free Form Rebars can have any geometry, either planar or 3D, and can be used for modelling and detailing of reinforcement in complex 3D structural elements. Rebars […]

  • Multi-Rebar Annotation in Revit

    A reinforcement drawing shows the positions of all reinforcing elements in a particular structure or a structural element. There are numerous ways of drafting concrete shop drawings, and drafting styles vary between countries or even between design companies. Rebar in Revit comes with properties that can be read by predefined tags (families) created specifically to […]

  • BIM for reinforced concrete – From 2D to 3D for rebar detailing

    Last year I published a blog post contemplating the value of BIM for Concrete, and discussing how the next generation of BIM tools for reinforced concrete are helping our customers in four main ways. I described these BIM-centric concrete benefits as: Combines the versatility of 2D documentation with the higher level of fidelity and accuracy […]

  • Spirally Reinforced Concrete Columns in Revit

    The longitudinal reinforcement bars in columns can be tied together with separate smaller diameter transverse bars along the column height or they can be spirally-reinforced. Spirally-reinforced columns they are ones in which the longitudinal bars are arranged in a circle surrounded by a closely spaced continuous spiral. Advantages to using spirally reinforced columns There are […]

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    Interested in structure? See what’s new in Revit 2018 for Steel Design and Concrete Detailing

    The latest version of Revit software released just a few days ago, and if you’ve taken a look at Revit 2018, you will have noticed that this release has a number of features related to extending design to fabrication detailing and construction. These include modeling tools for better capturing the intent of your design or […]