Dynamo Player

  • Resources and Roadmap for Generative Design in Autodesk Revit and Dynamo

    Where to start learning about generative design in Revit and the product team takes your questions.

  • Loading Steel Connections from Libraries using Dynamo

    The new version (2020.2.115) of the Autodesk Steel Connections 2020 Dynamo package introduces a bunch of new Dynamo nodes and capabilities. One of these new features allows Dynamo scripts to load preconfigured connection types from external Revit files, rather than requiring them to be present in the current project. This capability enables multiple new workflows; […]

  • Steel Connections for Dynamo – The Cornerstone of Steel Modelling

    Autodesk Revit 2020 delivers several new functionalities. One that stands out from the rest was created for the structural engineer. Steel Connections for Dynamo and its sample scripts will help engineers to work more productively when modelling, placing steel connections, optimizing design and material consumption.  Dynamo for Revit users can create rules for adding steel connections on a structure or a selected part of it, based on new Dynamo nodes that are grouped under a new package called Autodesk Steel […]

  • Learn the Power of Dynamo for Automated Reinforcement Detailing – Part 2

    In this blog post, I’ll continue the subject I started a few weeks ago. In Part 1 I covered how structural engineers and detailers can automate reinforcement designs with Dynamo in the example of straight rebars around window and door openings. Let’s extend the functionality of the script by adding additional rebars for wall openings. […]

  • Learn the Power of Dynamo for Automated Reinforcement Detailing – Part 1

    In this blog post I would like to demonstrate how to automate reinforcement designs with the Dynamo graphical programming interface using the example of standard rebar designs for window and door openings. Revit 2019.1 comes with Dynamo 1.3.3 preinstalled, however the workflows covered in this blog post are compatible with Dynamo 2.0. When you try […]

  • Using inputs in Dynamo player

    Do more with Inputs in Dynamo and the Dynamo Player

    By now you have surely heard of the Dynamo Player, the awesome little tool for running Dynamo scripts (graphs) in the background in Revit. If you have not heard of it, it is available in Revit 2017.2 and up and appears in the Manage tab, next to Dynamo. Dynamo is a tool for generative design […]

  • How to make generative design work for you with the Dynamo Player

    If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re already familiar with Dynamo Player, the powerful scripting tool that installs with Revit versions 2016 and later. Or maybe you’re not and would like to know more. Dynamo is a tool for generative design that extends building information modeling with the data and logic environment of a […]