• Revit 2023: New Analytical Workflow for Electrical Conceptual Design 

    Authored by: Martin Schmid, Product Manager and Brandon White, Technical Marketing Manager With the launch of Revit 2023, we shared a What’s New for MEP post, and mentioned the new electrical preliminary design capabilities in Revit. In this post, we will dig in with a little more detail to provide an overview of the capabilities. This […]

  • What’s New for MEP in Revit 2023

    [Authored by: Ian Molloy, Martin Schmid, Brandon White] With Revit 2023, we’re pleased to provide capabilities that span all aspects of the workflow for electrical and mechanical design; from early conceptual design and analysis, to the creation and documentation of design deliverables, along with improvements to support detailed design for construction. These improvements address a […]

  • Revit 2021 Worksharing improvements for MEP

    In Revit 2021 we made a significant change to the behavior of MEP elements regarding worksharing.  This was done in order to help improve the worksharing experience, to better enable collaboration amongst stakeholders, and to provide a more consistent experience. The changes address three types of issues that have been reported with increasing frequency, as […]

  • Revit 2021 Electrical enhancements

    In Revit 2021, we enhance electrical functionality with better globalization, systems logic, and ease of use.

  • What’s new in MEP for Revit 2021

    Enhancements for Revit 2021 include better worksharing, better integration of fabrication tools, and improved electrical workflows.

  • Feed through lugs in Revit 2020

    We are excited to deliver functionality in Revit 2020 —responding to several related requests on the Revit Idea Station– for better support of the creation and documentation of electrical distribution systems containing panels with feed through lugs.  For those of you using external tools to do more in-depth analysis, this enhancement provides a more accurate model […]

  • Revit MEP 2018 Electrical Circuit Pathway

    What’s New in Revit MEP 2018 for Electrical Circuit Pathway

    Revit 2018 enables you to modify an electrical circuit path for more accurate voltage drop calculations. You can choose to edit the circuit path by selecting Farthest Device, All Devices, or Custom and manually edit the circuit path. You can manually adjust the offset (elevation) and position of the circuit path as well as set […]