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  • Have You Tried? Parking Layout Tools in InfraWorks

    Each month, we profile a useful feature or workflow in InfraWorks. We look across what’s new, what’s been around for a while, and identify features that could improve your experience with InfraWorks while making you and your team more productive. What is it? Using the Create tools in InfraWorks, you can add and modify features […]

  • Have You Tried? Grading Optimization for Civil 3D 

    This special publication to our Have You Tried series of articles focuses on Grading Optimization for Civil 3D, a capability launched last year. Here you’ll find an overview of what Grading Optimization can do for you. This article also presents our series of Ask Me Anything: Grading Optimization YouTube Live sessions (GO Live), and shares […]

  • Have You Tried? InfraWorks Grading Areas

    Looking to expedite your workflow in InfraWorks? We are very excited for the Have You Tried this month, featuring an amazing tool: Grading Areas.  Check it out with us!   Grading areas help you identify development areas in an InfraWorks model. It helps update grading information and add grading styles without affecting the unidentified areas. And the best part about using Grading styles is allowing you to specify cut slope, cut material, fill slope, and […]

  • Have You Tried?  Shared Reference Point extension for Civil 3D and Revit

    In this month’s edition of our Have You Tried series, we’ll be taking a close look at the Shared Reference Point extension for Civil 3D and Revit. Civil 3D and Revit manage coordinate systems in different ways. Because of the difference in coordinate systems, using the shared reference point extension can greatly improve the organization […]

  • Have You Tried? InfraWorks Linear Feature Extraction

    For this edition of our Have You Tried series, let’s take a closer look at the Linear Feature Extraction workflow in InfraWorks.  Extraction of linear information such as breaklines, edges, building footprints, and property boundaries from point clouds or other data can be very valuable when performing conceptual design and detailed design.   The Linear Feature Extraction in InfraWorks allows users to quickly extract line or linear features from an InfraWorks terrain , incorporate them into their InfraWorks model, and export them for use in other products like Civil 3D.   […]

  • Have You Tried? Project Explorer for Civil 3D

    In the Have You Tried for this month, we cover a new extension in Civil 3D – Project Explorer.    Being able to manage a big amount of project data in your Civil 3D drawings can be tricky at times and is extremely difficult. Let’s take a look at how Project Explorer can help you streamline your workflows.  What is it?  Project Explorer is an all-in-one hub for managing […]

  • Have You Tried? InfraWorks Vegetation

    Bring your InfraWorks models to life like never before!  Our latest Have You Tried topic is all about Vegetation in InfraWorks. This amazing feature helps fully capture the look, function, and design of your infrastructure projects including roads, highways, or site development. Creating a more complete vision of the model.  Adding plants, trees, terrain features, and other vegetation generate a landscape appeal to your drawing. InfraWorks 2022 release, offers new 3D ground cover models such as flowers, bushes, and grasses.   Vegetation feature helps provide stakeholders with a better […]

  • Have You Tried? Civil 3D Rail Design

    Are you looking for ways to simplify the complex design process of a rail system? We’ve got you covered.  Our latest Have You Tried article is all about rail design in Civil 3D. We’ll cover all the features you need and walk you through how to use them.  Here’s a quick look at each of the rail features and what they do:  Why use it?  The […]

  • Have You Tried? InfraWorks Subsurface Terrain Layers

    In this edition of “Have You Tried”, we discuss a great feature in InfraWorks called subsurface terrain.   Civil infrastructure projects can be subject to change depending on the make-up of the surface on which they’re built. To better illustrate the thickness and density of their projects’ subsurface terrain, civil engineering professionals can use InfraWorks to add, view, and hide subterranean layers to their models. Adding subsurface terrain layers helps ensure safety and stability while avoiding future complications. Why use it?  The subsurface terrain feature is […]

  • Have You Tried? Civil 3D DWG Compare

    Enhancing your experience with Civil 3D is our top priority. We are aware that your drawings go through multiple edits before the final product. We also understand that keeping track of all the changes you’ve made to different versions of a drawing can be challenging.  We have just released our latest Have You Tried topic covering DWG Compare feature in Civil 3D. […]