Structural Analysis

  • Structural Analytical Model Automation

    New Structural Analytical Model in Revit As more and more structural engineers embrace Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, demand is increasing for analytical collaboration in BIM. The development of a structural analytical model is an essential step in a structural engineer’s BIM process.  This model is often used in collaborative workflows across engineering teams.   For […]

  • What’s New in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2022 & Public Roadmap Update

    When you see ★symbol in the text below, it indicates that a feature was developed (or is planned) per voted users requests from the Idea Station for Robot. We’re pleased to share the release of Robot Structural Analysis 2022. In this article you will find the new enhancements and features briefly explained and this time, […]

  • Automatic Generation of Load Combinations in Revit

    Structural loads are an important consideration in the design of buildings. Building codes require that structures be designed and built to safely resist all loads that they are likely to encounter during their service life. In Revit, depending on the load duration and type, various load natures can be created (dead, live, wind, etc.). Structural […]

  • Wind Loads Simulation in AEC Collection

    During a building project, designers and engineers must consider the impact of wind. Whether simply determining design loads or trying to optimize the aerodynamic effects of the building structure and surroundings, wind analysis can pose a challenge. Wind load on a structure depends on several factors including wind velocity, surrounding terrain, and the size, shape, […]

  • Robot Structural Analysis Public Roadmap 

    Along with the 2021 release of Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software, we would like to give you some insight into the future plans for Robot Structural Analysis and share a refreshed product roadmap. If you have read our recently published Point of View on the future of Structural Analysis you know that we are […]

  • What’s New in Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021

    Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2021 introduces sequential loading, improves wind load simulations, and works better with Revit.

  • Shifting Strategies & Roles for Structural Analysis Software

    It was almost 40 years ago when structural analysis methods and technologies were subject to a major innovation: enabled by the personal computer. It became widely available, as promoted on engineering diplomas of those graduating in leading universities, that engineers began adopting commercial software to a large degree, benefiting from graphical interfaces of the MS […]

  • Access Robot Structural Analysis Model Data and Results with Excel

    Knowing how to use Microsoft® Office Excel® is one of the essential skills and important tools for structural engineers when designing structures. At the end of the day, engineers rely on the calculation engines they use, so Excel is a great way to ‘gut check’ the output from their analysis and design solutions and to […]

  • Portal Frame with Structural Analysis for Dynamo Package – Part 01

    In my previous post I showed you how to create a fully parametrized portal frame geometry in the Dynamo environment. After the Dynamo geometry is set, you can create the analytical model representation of this geometry in the Robot Structural Analysis Professional environment. The Structural Analysis for Dynamo package enables parametric modeling and structural analysis […]

  • Robot Structural Analysis Public Roadmap

    Thank you for patiently waiting for the launch of Robot Structural Analysis 2020! We’re happy to present numerous improvements and code updates that will make you more productive using BIM-based analysis and design. For the complete list of features, please refer to the product documentation. I want to express our gratitude to everyone who also […]