• new AEC Collection

    Celebrating Revit’s birthday with an expanded AEC Collection

    It’s Revit’s birthday, but the presents are for YOU It’s been 15 years since Revit joined the Autodesk portfolio. Since this time, Revit has matured into a premier BIM authoring platform for design professionals, and helped usher in the new era for how buildings are designed, built, and used. The future promises to be even […]

  • Revit product team inside the factory

    The View from Inside the Factory: What’s Next for Revit 2018

    The way we develop and deliver Revit software has changed.  This post is about what that means to you, and to us, the folks “inside the factory” working on what goes into the Revit 2018 and subsequent releases. If you’ve been using Autodesk® Revit® software for a while, you know that fairly predictably come springtime […]