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Product News
2 months ago

Introducing AutoCAD 2020: See What’s New

We’re thrilled to bring you AutoCAD 2020, packed with new features and enhancements to help you design, draft, and bring visions to life. With a subscription to AutoCAD including specialized toolsets, you’ll gain access to industry-specific specialized toolsets, flexibility with AutoCAD web and mobile apps, and the latest innovative features of AutoCAD 2020.

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Real-World Example of Using 2D Constraints in AutoCAD

AutoCAD has had 2D geometric and dimensional constraints for a while, but most drafters don’t leverage their functionality in everyday use. I sometimes think it is because they can’t think of an everyday use for them.

Seth Cohen

Have You Tried: Using the UCS for 2D Drafting

Have you ever wondered what that thing is in the lower-left corner of the drawing area? Or maybe you know it’s the UCS (User Coordinate System) icon but because you don’t create 3D models, then you don’t think it’s useful.

Lee Ambrosius



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