AU 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Interesting Developments: Integrating .NET Code with AutoCAD I/O


By Leslie Feldman

Another cherry-picked attendee favorite AutoCAD® class from Autodesk® University 2015, now available online. Today we kick off a mini-series of AU 2015 recorded classes just for—yes!—AutoCAD developers, called “Interesting Developments.” We’ll start with a class that helps get you up to speed on the new AutoCAD I/O, a web services offering for running AutoCAD scripts remotely. Which, as you’ll see, is quite a boon for your B2B or B2C website.

Sit in on Integrating .NET Code with AutoCAD I/O to Add Design Intelligence to Your Website.

The class is recorded and available here in its entirety, with handouts. The presenter is Kean Walmsley, a long-time AutoCAD software architect at Autodesk. If you like the class, check out his popular development-oriented blog, Through the Interface.


AU 2015 recorded AutoCAD classes: The Adventure Continues….

This is the seventh in a series of shout-outs to Autodesk University 2015 Online Learning. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to…

Next upAutodesk University 2015 AutoCAD Recorded Classes: Interesting Developments: Introducing AutoCAD.IO V2

Jigsawify website created with AutoCAD I/O web services. Recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT classes from Autodesk University 2015.

In this class we use AutoCAD I/O web services to create a site where customers can specify custom jigsaw puzzle designs.

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