Leslie Feldman

Leslie is fanning the glowing embers of the AutoCAD Blog into a raging (yet carefully managed!) bonfire, bringing light and warmth to AutoCAD customers wherever they're huddled. He has been writing, editing, helping design, and managing the production of high-tech marketing communications—everything from party invitations, web banners, and tweets to annual reports, white papers, and animated videos—for longer than he cares to admit. So don't ask. Leslie is thrilled to be back in the Autodesk saddle after 14 years spent wandering the desolate, non-Autodesk high-tech landscape.

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  • August Autodesk Expert Elite
    Each month, the Autodesk Expert Elite Highlight Series—see links, below, to all entries since February—serves up rich, Autodesk product-related content on AutodeskHelp. Makes sense. Autodesk Expert Elites are marked by their product expertise and their commitment to sharing knowledge, providing leadership, and collaborating in ways that strengthen our community to everyone’s benefit. And AutodeskHelp is […]

  • AutoCAD SuperHatch Express Tool hatch pattern.
    If you’ve ever tried to create hatch patterns on your own, you know how hard it can be. The problem, in a nutshell, is you can’t just draw a hatch pattern; you actually have to code the darn thing. (Our own Lynn Allen has referred to the process as “CAD torture.” That may be overstating […]

  • AutoCAD Blog video of the month: Object snap tracking
    When you need to specify a precise location on an object, what’s your go-to tool? Object snaps, obviously. And when you need to specify multiple object snap points and want to track them automatically? It’s got to be object snap tracking. Now you can march through all the object snap tracking basics, and you can do […]

  • 3D printer: Manufacturing Day 2016
    What a week to be in the design business! On Monday we celebrated World Architecture Day 2016—and showcased some of our favorite designs of the past year—and now we’re giving a shout-out to tomorrow’s Manufacturing Day 2016. As previously noted in a July AutoCAD Blog post, MFG Day 2016 invites you to both celebrate modern manufacturing as well […]

  • Autodesk University 2015 classroom. AutoCAD customization bootcamp class.
    There are many great reasons to attend Autodesk University 2016 Las Vegas, November 15 – 17, at the Venetian Las Vegas Resort. The inspired and inspiring keynotes, the exhibitors showing off the latest/greatest products and services, the free product certification exams, all the opportunities AU (and the Venetian! and Las Vegas!) offers for networking and […]

  • DWG Columns for Explorer 01: AutoCAD Exchange app
    When you want to know the versions of one or more DXF and DWG files, do you find yourself opening each one? AutoCAD does provide a couple of easy ways to determine the file’s specific format. But DXF or DWG version information alone is pretty limited. And what if you don’t want to take the time […]

  • Build Your AutoCAD IQ! Back to Basics: Introduction to Layouts and Viewports in AutoCAD LT 
    AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users more or less live inside one of two working environments—model space and paper space—so it behooves you to nail down the fundamentals of each. Here, in our hour-long video introduction to layouts and viewports, we give you the 2D half of the story. By default, AutoCAD starts you off in […]

  • AutoCAD DesignCenter drag and drop. Tuesday Tips with Heidi.
    I recently presented an AutoCAD tips session at Autodesk University Australia 2016 and just happened to ask the audience members if they were familiar with AutoCAD DesignCenter. I was surprised how few people knew about it, especially since DesignCenter is so valuable and has been an AutoCAD feature for a VERY long time—introduced in AutoCAD 2000, […]

  • Las Vegas USA. Autodesk University international conferences 2016
    When it’s AU, what happens in Vegas definitely doesn’t stay in stay Vegas. No. It stays with you all year long. And it can supercharge your career: the one you’ve got now, or the one you’ve set your sights on. Even—or especially—the one you’re about to glimpse for the very first time. Autodesk University Las […]