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Seth Cohen is a civil engineer and technician.

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  • how to create a dynamic block
    Dynamic blocks provide capabilities beyond standard AutoCAD blocks. Here, we’ll take a look at how to create a dynamic block and save time, including a couple of basic examples and a real-world example that has also personally saved me a lot of time. One dynamic block can represent multiple configurations of standard AutoCAD blocks. The […]

  • how to create a block in AutoCAD
    A block is a combination of AutoCAD object types that make up a real-world object. For example, it could be a chair, manhole, door, utility pole, you name it. Looking to learn how to create a block in AutoCAD? There are a few ways to do it. Here, we’ll discuss different ways to make a […]

  • Learning
    In almost every project, you will need to reference some sort of files. Of course, the files you reference will be AutoCAD files (.DWG), but sometimes these file types could be .PDF, .DGN, point clouds, and coordination files. In this article, I will go over seven of my top tips and tricks for working with […]

  • site layout sheets in AutoCAD
    I recently completed a water sewer project—and if you’ve never done a water sewer project, it’s a lot of sheets. Due to the long nature of this type of project and the design containing many bends and changes in course, a good set of overall site layout sheets is key to helping the contractor bidding […]

  • how to count blocks in AutoCAD
    Almost every project will involve some form of quantification or measuring of data. In this article, we will delve into the many different methods AutoCAD provides to get you quantities for your project. Counting Objects (a.k.a. AutoCAD Blocks) Let’s take a look at how to count blocks in AutoCAD. There are many ways in which […]

  • 3D modeling tips and tricks
    In the second installment of the AutoCAD 3D modeling tips and tricks series, we began discussing solid modeling. For this final article, let’s go a bit deeper with more on surface modeling, editing solid models, arrays, and plotting solid models! Surface Modeling Techniques Almost all the solid modeling commands can also be used to create […]

  • 3D modeling tips
    In the first installment of AutoCAD 3D modeling tips and tricks, we discussed wireframe modeling. Although this method of modeling may seem unconventional, if it gets the job done, then, well, it gets the job done. In this installment and the final third article, we will discuss some AutoCAD 3D modeling tips and tricks when […]

  • AutoCAD 3D modeling
    3D modeling has been around in AutoCAD for a long time now. Yet, so many users still are using just regular 2D AutoCAD tools to represent real 3D “things.” In this first of a two-part series, I would like to go over some tips and tricks for AutoCAD 3D modeling that may make it easier […]

  • Grip Editing AutoCAD
    Most AutoCAD users are completely aware of the standard AutoCAD modify commands (e.g., Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, etc.). But did you know there is another way to modify AutoCAD objects that is sometimes faster and more efficient? Let’s look at grip editing and how to use it. What Is Grip Editing? Grip editing is an […]