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AutoCAD 2017 architectural drawing. What's New in AutoCAD 2017? It's ... Alive!

AutoCAD 2017 software arrived on March 21 with a mission: To help you stay at the forefront of design. The latest release enables you to work faster and smarter across connected desktop and mobile solutions, easily collaborate with colleagues, create personalized design experiences, and stay up to date with the newest features and updates.

Also included when you subscribe to AutoCAD 2017: AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app—so you can take AutoCAD with you wherever you go!

Here are some AutoCAD 2017 key features.

AutoCAD 2017 Import PDF

Fulfilling a top request from our customers, AutoCAD 2017 includes PDF as a supported Import File format. Now you can import geometry, TrueType™ text, and raster images from a PDF file or underlay into the current drawing as AutoCAD objects. Gone are the days of clunky workarounds or having to leave AutoCAD to import PDFs.

PDF Import

Import PDF can now import geometry from a PDF file into your drawings as AutoCAD objects.

AutoCAD 2017 Autodesk Desktop App

Get the most out of new features with seamlessly delivered product updates and learning content. Autodesk Desktop App, a companion application that replaces Autodesk Application Manager, also provides the latest security patches and updates for all 2015, 2016, and 2017 versions of Microsoft® Windows®-based Autodesk products without disrupting your workflow. And it’s even subscription-aware, offering updates and learning content for your products under subscription.

Autodesk desktop app

Manage and track all of your updates with a single desktop app.

AutoCAD 2017 Smart Centerlines/Center Marks

Create and edit centerlines and center marks more quickly and intuitively. When you move associated objects, the centerlines and center marks update accordingly.

Drawing with centerlines and center marks

AutoCAD 2017 offers simplified creation and editing of centerlines and center marks.

AutoCAD 2017 continues to improve 2D and 3D graphics performance and fidelity. 3D graphics stability has also been greatly improved.

AutoCAD 2017 is here. Want to learn more?

The features described above are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve made it easy for you to dig a little—or a lot—deeper.

New blog series: What’s new in AutoCAD 2017?

Over the coming weeks I’ll take you on an in-depth “What’s New in AutoCAD 2017?” tour.

First up: The AutoCAD 2017 PDF Import feature.

Want to see the entire series at a glance? Visit the “Blog Series: What’s New in AutoCAD 2017?” page.

Oh, and YES! We’ve also just released AutoCAD LT® 2017!

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    Hi Heidi! Curious about some more information on the installation and choosing either a serial number or network license. When creating deployments, will I still be able to set/direct them to the license server?

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      Thanks Heidi.......The second paragraph under "License Manager" in the Preview Guide had me worried a bit.

    2. Heidi Hewett
      Heidi Hewett

      Hi Michael. Yes. That process should be the same.

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    i can't download, help me!

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      I have the same issues. Steps to reproduce: 1) Go to + Login 2) Go to Downloads 3) Click 'Install now' (AutoCAD 2017) 4) The EULA screen appears for about 2 seconds with 'I Reject' selected as the default 5) Then this moves away after which is shown. No options there. If you go back you end up where you started ...

    2. Avatar

      If you are working on a large network, check your proxy settings. Downloads failed here at work but I was able to download and install at home.

    3. Heidi Hewett
      Heidi Hewett

      What are you unable to download? You can download the full install for testing from Enter your email address on the top then scroll down to the bottom of this page and click “Download trial using Download Manager”. If you want to install (rather than download) ensure you select either 32 or 64 for the platform. If you select the option for Win 32/64 you can only download.

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    Please submit this bug list. AutoCAD 2017 bugs ======================================================= 1. Grip colors > Grip contour color. This setting should be available for all grips. Now, it's not working for triangular grips (on mtext, table ...). Conclusion: Grip contour color should be working also for triangular grips. ------------------------------------------------------- 2. Insert a block. BEDIT the block > the window has the correct preview area size (like it is on Open file dialog). REFEDIT the block > the window has a very small preview area size (!?!). Conclusion: The preview area size should be large also for REFEDIT a block. ------------------------------------------------------- 3. You increased the preview area size but you should know that the horizontal size of any DWG preview area is 256 pixels. You make it 243 pixels and the preview image is blurry because it is resized (scaled down). Conclusion: Make the image on open/save file dialog to be at least 256 pixels width in order to avoid scaling. ------------------------------------------------------- 4a. Purge window => "All items" DWG icon is not displayed with true colors. 4b. Purge window => Right click menu is showing on all window, including on buttons. ------------------------------------------------------- 5. TEMPOVERRIDES=1 When I try to turn on ORTHO using Shift key override, there is 1/2 second delay, which is annoying. Conclusion: Please eliminate this delay in order to make the command snappy. ------------------------------------------------------- 6. DTEXTED = 0 or 2. Double click to edit a single line text. All text is selected. Move the mouse cursor over the selected text. The cursor is the "arrow" type. The cursor should be "text select" type (vertical cursor). It was like this in AutoCAD 2006. Because the cursor is "arrow" type, it is necessary to click once to deselect the text and after that to put the cursor inside the text or to select the part of it. This leads to an extra click when do single line editing. Conclusion: Please eliminate this extra click in this way: - when editing a single line text and all text is selected (at the beginning of editing or during it), the cursor over the selected text should be "text select" type. - when only a part of the text is selected, the cursor over the selected text should be "arrow" type, in order to drag and drop selected text. ------------------------------------------------------- 7. Create a single or multiline line text. Enter editing > select a piece of text > try to move it to another location. Problem: The positioning vertical marker is not displayed. ------------------------------------------------------- 8. Start a new drawing. Assign color red to layer 0. Make a new layer, assign color yellow and make it current. DIST > pick first point => the dynamic line has the color of layer 0. MEASUREGEOM + Distance > pick first point => the dynamic line has the color of layer 0. Conclusion: The dynamic line should respect the color of Dynamic Dimension Lines given in the Options > Display > Colors. ------------------------------------------------------- 9. Draw a rectangle. PLOT > Set the plot area using Window button. Choose the corners of the rectangle > The area is defined. Click again on the Window button and zoom in as much as possible to a rectangle corner => the highlighted area is not displayed correctly (is shifted from the rectangle edges). ------------------------------------------------------- 10. Open a drawing. Go to the layout. PLOT > Set the plot area using Window button. Choose the corners of the area to be plotted => The area is defined. Click again on the Window button => the area previous defined is not highlighted, like it is in Model space. Conclusion: The selected zone for plotting should be highlighted, like it is in Model space. ------------------------------------------------------- 11. MEASUREGEOM + Distance > after picking second point, temporary dimensions appears with measured values. The text for these values is too blurry, comparing to dynamic input text. ------------------------------------------------------- 12. All dynamic input text has ClearType always ON no matter if it was turned off inside Windows. Conclusion: Please correct text rendering in order to respect the Windows settings. ------------------------------------------------------- 13. Draw a rectangle. Start inquire area by MEASUREGEOM or AREA but do not end the command. Zoom in as much as you can. Problem: The highlighted zone is shifted from the rectangle. ------------------------------------------------------- 14. Create an MTEXT with large limits. Type some text > save and close editor. Problem: These large limits are kept until you resize them manually. Solution: Please add a variable or set this by default: after save and close the mtext editor the text limits to shrink automatically near the text, in order to be as smaller as possible, without changing the text formatting. ------------------------------------------------------- 15. Start a new drawing. Dimension Style Manager > Modify > Primary units. Zero suppression > turn ON Trailing by checking the checkbox. OK + Close Dimension Style Manager. Problem: Open again Dimension Style Manager => Trailing is not checked. If you cannot replicate from the first time, try several times. ------------------------------------------------------- 16. Start a new drawing. Draw a line with layer 0 (zero). Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C) the line. Create a layer having red color, named RED. Set layer RED current. Paste the line (Ctrl+V). Do not click to add the line to the drawing. The line has the red color (of the current layer) instead the color of layer 0. Before paste, the line should have the color of the 0 layer. This happens with all entities drawn with layer 0. ------------------------------------------------------- 17. Insert 2 viewports in a layout. Lock one viewport using the lock button on AutoCAD status bar. Select both viewports. Problem: You cannot lock/unlock all selected viewports using the lock button, when at least one of the vieports is locked and the rest of them are unlocked. ------------------------------------------------------- 18. Before adding any color in the color drop down list toolbar, the items are fitting the list height. No space remains after the last item. If I add a new color, the list is expanded only by 5 pixels and the scrollbar is active. Please make the color drop down list to expand correctly in order to display the new item. Also, any other dropdown list, like Layer, Linetypes, Lineweights, Dimstyles, are expanding when adding a new item, up to approx 30 lines. I propose to make Color dropdown list the same: to be expandable and longer in order not to use scrollbar for only few items added. I think that this list was the single one not updated since AutoCAD 2000. ------------------------------------------------------- 19. Linetype Manager > Show Details Problem: Global Scale Factor and Current Object Scale values are always displayed with 4 digits of precision. Solution: These values should be displayed with zero suppression (trailing) like it is for values in Dimension Style Manager. Or, respect Units precision setting. ------------------------------------------------------- 20. Plot > Plot Style Table Editor > Form View > Plot Styles Cannot select multiple styles using mouse window select ------------------------------------------------------- 21. Please fix ClearType (font rendering) for Layer Manager window content. When is turned OFF inside Windows, should be turned OFF in AutoCAD. ------------------------------------------------------- 22. When you enter a true color value in the Index Color tab an error message appears: "Not a valid color name or value". Please eliminate this error message and correct this in order that all input boxes from all tabs to allow any type of color input (ACI, True color, Color Books) and to switch to corresponding tab type automatically. ------------------------------------------------------- 23. DIST dynamic line with thickness To replicate: Open any drawing > go to Layout. Give layer 0 a thickness of 0.3 Turn ON Lineweight. Enter DIST command. Pick first point. Do not pick second point. Instead do wheel mouse zoom in. => the temporary line has thickness. It should not. Conclusion: Please fix in order that DIST temporary line to be displayed without thickness, like it is in Model. ------------------------------------------------------- 24. Plot > Shade viewport options > Shade plot Click on combo box and use mouse wheel to scroll in list => cursor disappear. Please fix this. ------------------------------------------------------- 25. When starting AutoCAD maximized on Win 8.1 and Win 10, the statusbar is under the taskbar. It seems that AutoCAD does not recognize the edge of the taskbar and is extendig the window down to the monitor edge. ------------------------------------------------------- 26. Command preview is not working for grip editing. During grip editing, AutoCAD displays dotted line instead of grey line (shadow). ------------------------------------------------------- 27. Do ZOOM realtime command During the zoom realtime command do wheelmouse pan The problem is that zoom realtime is not preserved after wheelmouse pan, is replaced with pan. ------------------------------------------------------- 28. External References window Right click on a DWG reference > the submenus for "Xref Type" and "Path" are old style (solid highlight) ------------------------------------------------------- 29. There is a big performance problem when drawing over a hatch having 'Ignore hatch objects' unchecked. For details, see: ------------------------------------------------------- 30. Add an option to turn ON/OFF the preview on the Layout tabs (the one on the bottom of the screen) when hovering with the mouse. ------------------------------------------------------- 31. Field > object > Additional Format > the following values are not saved: - conversion factor - prefix - suffix You have to enter the values for each object you select. -------------------------------------------------------

    1. Heidi Hewett
      Heidi Hewett

      Wow! That's quite a detailed list. Thank you for taking the time to document and send it. I've forwarded it to the AutoCAD product team. In the future you might want to submit your requests to the AUGI wishlist for people to vote on. It's a great way to give them visibility and move them up the priority list. We also have a Customer Council that you can get involved with to provide direct feedback to the product team. If you're interested in learning more about it, please send us your name and contact info through the Contact form on the AutoCAD Blog. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your requests! Heidi

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    I purchased and installed AutoCAD 2016 (perpetual license) last year. Will downloading this AutoCAD 2017 effect my perpetual license? If so, how?

    1. Heidi Hewett
      Heidi Hewett

      No, installing AutoCAD 2017 will not affect your perpetual license of AutoCAD 2016.

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    Plotting in 2017 does not seem to recognize line weights in either TEXT or MTEXT entities. We use a .ctb file to control lightweights. Other entities such as lines etc. plot with the correct width. We tried it plotting to a Sharp printer/copier, a PDF file, and to a Canon ipF785, all with the same results. Changing the text to color "BY ENTITY" had no effect. We opened the same drawing in 2016 and plotted using the same CTB file and the text plotted correctly. I can supply copies of the dwg and ctb files if that will help.

    1. Heidi Hewett
      Heidi Hewett

      We're not aware of any problems plotting lineweights in AutoCAD 2017 compared to 2016. You might want to check the visual style you're using in AutoCAD 2017. If it's set to something other than 2D Wireframe it could override the CTB settings. If you ensure the visual style is set to 2D wireframe and it still doesn't plot as expected in 2017, please send me the dwg and ctb files. Thanks, Heidi

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