To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn – DWG Format: Tuesday Tips With Lynn

AutoCAD 2018 DWG File Format

It was bound to happen – the DWG format has changed with AutoCAD 2018! And you know what? It’s a change for the better. Seriously! Read on to find out why in this short and sweet Tuesday Tip.

AutoCAD 2018 DWG File Format

We’ve heard your cries! That’s why the new DWG file format in AutoCAD 2018 provides improvements to the efficiency of Open and Save – especially for those files with many annotative objects and viewports, which means complex files will take less time to… uh… open and save. Plus, 3D solid and surface creation will also be able to take advantage of the newest geometric modeler. Model away!

Timesaver: Automatic save functionality is performed incrementally more often than those lengthy full saves. Translation: We’re looking out for you.

Check out this video by my pal Heidi Hewett for more information on the DWG file format update, as well as other technology and performance enhancements in AutoCAD 2018:

More Tuesday Tips

We’re taking next week off in honor of Independence Day, but don’t let that stop you; check out the full Tuesday Tips With Lynn series in the meantime.

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