AutoCAD 2018 Tips and Tricks Booklet Now Available


By Leah E. Friedman

We know you love Tuesday Tips With Lynn, but we also know that you really love being able to have them all in arms reach whenever you need them! Well, good news: Lynn Allen’s AutoCAD 2018 Tips and Tricks booklet is now here for your printing pleasure.

Download the AutoCAD 2018 Tips and Tricks Booklet Now

Get all the tips you can handle by registering here. Once you have it, you can print it out or keep it on your computer for easy searchability.

Don’t worry, we’re not taking anything off of our blog! You can still find all of Lynn’s (and Dieter’s and Heidi’s) Tuesday Tips here, but we just thought you might like everything 2018 in one place.

AutoCAD 2018 Tips and Tricks Booklet

Looking for the Best of Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks? Download it here.

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