AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Shanghai Disneyland Castle. How Cool Is That?

Customer Spotlight

By Leslie Feldman

Not every architectural project can be as iconic as a Disneyland castle. And you probably won’t often work alongside 140+ disciplines situated across the globe. But even if you’re not fulfilling the ageless fantasies of countless pre-teens in foreign lands, you can still renew your sense of wonder by reading this classic BIM tale.

Enchanted Storybook Castle in the Cloud: How BIM Helped Walt Disney Build Its Most Complex Creation Ever

Disneyland Park: Sleeping Beauty's Castle decorated for Christmas (Anaheim, CA). AutoCAD customer success story.

Can fairy tales come true? You can make it happen!

Each AutoCAD® customer success story in this series—hosted on Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported website—focuses on the motivated people bringing great projects to life. AutoCAD software is involved, but that’s almost besides the point.

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues….

This is the seventh in a series of curated AutoCAD customer success stories hosted on Line//Shape//Space. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to…

AutoCAD Customer Success: The “How Cool Is That?” Mini-Series….

Today’s customer success story about Walt Disney Imagineering is the third entry in a mini-series of stories that are just a bit cooler than most.

How cool is that? Next upAutoCAD Customers Succeed with… a 4-Story, Multimedia, Kinetic Chandelier

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