AutoCAD Customers Succeed with … Great Projects, Great Stories (Sustainability)

Customer Spotlight

By Leslie Feldman

You’ll notice I didn’t title this blog “AutoCAD Customer Success Stories.” That’s because the three stories curated below—all riff on a sustainability theme, and all appear on Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported site—really are, first and foremost, great stories about great projects.

Of course, great stories about great projects will likely involve some pretty great people. And they do: Your fellow architects/engineers/designers have worked through all kinds of situations and managed, through pluck and talent, to wring out really great (there’s that word again) results.

And, yes, it’s true: Each project made good use of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT software. But the software is barely noted, and you can easily bleep right over its mention.

My point? Read these stories to be inspired, edified, and entertained. Do not read them to learn how some zippy AutoCAD feature saved the day.

This post is the first in a series of curated customer success stories from Line//Shape//Space.

AutoCAD customers achieve sustainability success with….

  • Axiom House from Acre Designs—How can you bring affordable, net zero-energy homes to market? Design is important, sure. But more critical are realigning the “cultural and economic factors… needed to remake the [production stream that feeds] the fragmented and inefficient home-building market.” Where do you start?
  • ZERO SOUTH from Drive Around the World—You want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. So you… rebuild a fleet of Hummers as hybrid-electric vehicles and take them on a jaunt to the South Pole? Well… it’s sure to get everyone’s attention. And that’s the point.
  • South Side Soapbox factory from Method—Can you do well by doing good? Say your product ingredients are certified nonharmful, packaged in recycled materials, and delivered in trucks running biodiesel. You engage with an environmentally responsible production and supply chain. Now: What kind of factory do you build? And where do you put it?

Visit Line//Shape//Space to read more stories of AutoCAD customer success.

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues….

Next up: AutoCAD customers succeed with… humanitarian projects.

AutoCAD customer success stories in sustainability. Image is green planet against blue sky and water.

AutoCAD customer success stories: Sustainability is as sustainability does.

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