AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Humanitarian Projects

Customer Spotlight

By Leslie Feldman

We love working with AutoCAD® software. (Hey, who doesn’t?) But software is a means to an end. So the question becomes “As an AutoCAD user, what end interests you?”

In this series of curated AutoCAD customer success stories taken from Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported website, we focus on the projects and the people. Not the software.

So read these AutoCAD customer “success stories” to get inspired, edified, and entertained—not to learn how other users have made great use of AutoCAD.

Last week’s post highlighted three AutoCAD customers turning their expertise, insight, and passion into unique design visions for sustainability projects.

This week we mine a similar vein: Talented, driven customers who are bringing to life their design visions for humanitarian projects.

AutoCAD customers achieve humanitarian success with….

Plans for eco-village in Senegal. AutoCAD customers achieve humanitarian success.

Plans for sustainable eco-village in Senegal.

Solar- and gravity-powered water filtration plants from the AguaClara Cornell Program

Say you’ve learned of a suffering population. Say you believe there’s a way to alleviate at least some of the suffering—and that you’ve got the skillset, and access to the resources, to make it happen. Now: What’s the plan?

Construction projects from TAMassociati

Architects specialize for many reasons. You’re drawn to a particular style, or you have sought-after, esoteric skills, or you simply decide to work where there’s the most money. Or you could be passionate about serving a massively underserved clientele.

A hospital in remote Rwanda from MASS Design Group

If you’re fresh out of design school, looking to make your mark, you might join a firm where you can learn a lot while gradually taking on more creative and responsible roles. But if you see an unfulfilled need that gets you fired up now, why not go for it?

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues….

This is the second in a series of shout-outs to AutoCAD customer success stories on Line//Shape//Space. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to…

Next up: AutoCAD customers succeed with… first-time design.

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